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We’re Looking for a Little Bit of Help.

As we approach our third year of daily blogging – on both the Butterfly Rebellion and Random Public Journal – the time has come for us to consider sources of funding. We don’t need loads. All we need is enough to free up our time a little bit more for research and writing, cover a few modest expenses, and hopefully cover the cost of commissioning blog pieces from other writers.

Running the Butterfly Rebellion – which is a massive privilege – takes a great deal of commitment and takes up an awful lot of time. Over the past three years, since 19 September 2014 (a day that will live on in infamy), we have posted every week day with news, opinion, and analysis. We have maintained and grown a significant Facebook presence, have fought the good fight on Twitter, and are now expanding into Tremr.

We’d like to think we have done a good job, but only you can be the judge of that. But now we want to step things up. Everyone knows what’s going on. Brexit is rolling on with the London government determined to give us a rotten deal, we’re still gathering people to the Yes side, and – of course – ScotRef is coming. You can help us be there for all that and to do what needs to be done.

Don’t worry, the Butterfly Rebellion and Random Public Journal will always be free to everyone. We will never become a subscription site, hidden behind a paywall. We believe that the job of winning people over to Yes for the sake of winning Scotland’s independence is far more important than money. But what we are asking for is just a little from those who can afford it. Patreon will allow us to collect monthly voluntary subscriptions from as little as $1 a month (it only collects in dollars apparently).

Why a monthly subscription (which patrons can cancel at any time)? Going down the road of a once-off crowdfunder was something we had considered, but that would also mean we’d have to keep coming back again and again as funds deplete. No one likes being pestered, and we don’t like pestering people.

Every quarter, once funds are coming in, we will publish all the figures from Patreon for everyone to see, and we will include with this an itemised account of everything we have spent that money on. Transparency is important. You deserve that from us.

So without further ado, our Patreon account is set up – seeing as we are not a business – under the name of the Butterfly Rebellion’s creator and editor, Jason Michael (@Jeggit), at Everyone who decides to support us by becoming a patron will be given the opportunity to have their name – or a name of their choosing (a nice gift idea perhaps?) – put on the ‘Our Patrons’ page of the Butterfly Rebellion blog. It does not matter how much you choose to give – you will still be recognised with our sincere gratitude.

We understand if some can’t sign up. We really do understand. Nothing will change. All we would encourage you to do is to stay involved, keep reading and keep on liking and sharing the Butterfly Rebellion and the Random Public Journal on social media. That is worth more than gold.

If you appreciate the hard work that we’re doing, and you’d like to see us doing more, and have it to spare, then we would appreciate however much you can afford to give. If at any time you wish to discontinue, just click the cancel button on Patreon and it’s all over. We’d love you to stay of course, plus – as it grows (we hope it grows) we’ll be adding some thank you bonus rewards.

Thanks for reading!


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