Why the Unionists Can’t Get Over this Bridge

by Jeggit

Queensferry Crossing, the newest addition to Scotland’s engineering landscape, sure has the unionist commentariat’s bloomers in a twist. Reading over my “BritNats” Twitter list from the moment it was opened I have seen a clear trend among Scotland’s online unionists towards dismissing this outstanding national accomplishment and sneering at those who see in it a cause for pride and celebration. People obsessed with the too wee, too poor, and too stupid mythology of British nationalism regarding Scottish independence have been infuriated by a bridge.

Of course they’ll use it. It will get them from A to B, but something about Queensferry Crossing has really gotten under their skin. Apparently it can’t be a Scottish achievement if the materials were sourced in China. This must come as a shock to the British tea industry as tea plantations a pretty scarce in Surrey. We can’t even claim this for Scotland because the workers who built it came from all over these islands, from Europe, and further afield. On this logic, then, can we declassify the London Underground as “British” if we find a single non Englander working on it?

Late on Wednesday night the Conservative journalist Stephen Daisley lost the run of himself. Unable to contain his frustration and wrath any longer with dirty little oiks in Scotland beaming with pride over a bridge, he went on a Twitter rant. It is worth looking at what he said, because it’s telling and because it gives the game away on why exactly he is so annoyed.

People put “near mythical significance” in many things. Just look at Daisley’s fascination with Thatcher, Theresa May, and Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Regardless of all the reasons to loath these truly loathsome characters, to Daisley and people like him they are mythical super heroes of neoliberalism and a modern colonial-settler mentality. He idolises these gods of war, and yet showing some delight in a bridge is somehow contemptable.

“It’s a bridge,” he says. “It has no bearing on the national character.” Would he say the same of Tower Bridge or London Bridge? Do these symbols of Britain’s power, wealth, and prestige have no bearing on England’s national character? What about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Rialto in Venice, or the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge? Do these have absolutely no bearing on the national character of the countries that built them? We can be pretty darn sure the people of England, the United States, Italy, and Japan disagree with Daisley on this point. Bridges everywhere have everything to do with national character and national pride. They are structural symbols of the aspirations of their builders, except in Scotland of course. We just mindlessly do things for the hell of it.

But that this is related to something “national” gets Daisley and Scotland’s unionists triggered. Why else would he talk about a “pedigree?” What pedigree would that be? Well it “isn’t terribly… anständig.” Aha! A German connection! It isn’t nice to express nationhood in bridges because the Nazis did it. That logic would have us banning road building, uniform wearing, moustaches, haircuts, dog loving, and just about everything – otherwise ordinary – the Germans ever did during the Nazi era. That’s just preposterous, and says a little too much about Daisley for my liking.

Then, he screeches on, the builders were all bloody foreigners and the steel came from China! He managed to tweet this nonsense apparently without seeing the irony of his appeal to naked blood and soil nationalism to rob Scotland of a sense of achievement. What sort of balloon is this man? With the exception of perhaps North Korea, everything everywhere is built by the people with the skills from all around the world. That, Mr Daisley, is what we call normal in a grown-up and welcoming society.

With the exception of perhaps North Korea, everything everywhere is built by people with the skills from all around the world. That, Mr Daisley, is what we call normal in a grown-up and welcoming society.

This China thing is really obnoxious. In a single word – “China” – he manages three things: He gives a nod to his British nationalist racist supporters, insinuates its inferior quality, and attempts to deny Scotland and the Scottish government the credit. Steel is steel – be that Scottish or Chinese – and maybe we could have used Scottish steel had the Conservatives not shut down Ravenscraig; the only steelworks in Scotland capable of producing the quality and quantity of steel needed for the project. Oh, but he doesn’t mention that – just like he doesn’t mention Scotland.


Someone should inform the Bank of England that bridges have “no bearing on the national character.”

Nowhere in his puerile little brain fart does he mention Scotland. He can’t even bring himself to say the word, and yet we are to believe he too is proud of Scotland. He is my backside.

“It’s great that we have a new bridge?” Who is “we?” Yes, Scotland has a new bridge – built with Scottish money by the Scottish government to Scottish designs and specifications; following what best reflects the values and character of this little nation we call Scotland. Daisley seems to have trouble even getting this name from his loaf to his tweets.

The problem is, regardless of what the unionists are gnashing their teeth about, that bridges are symbols of national glory. Countries that do not envisage a future for themselves, that have no interest in showcasing themselves to the world, do not build bridges. They don’t invest in those things that are of value to the people and industry of the country. And they certainly do not go to the trouble of putting bridges and buildings on the reverse side of their banknotes – a favourite form of “soft nationalism” in Britain. Daisley isn’t annoyed over a bridge. He’s right, it is only a bridge. His problem is that Scottish bridges, built with Scottish money and by a Scottish government, might give these filthy Scots notions.


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Jason Michael
Ayrshire, Scotland

11 thoughts on “Why the Unionists Can’t Get Over this Bridge

  1. “Indeed, the pedigree of such thinking isn’t terribly, um, anständig.” Daisley was avoiding using the word ‘proper’, ‘decent’, ‘reputable’ or ‘civilized’ and substituted a German word instead. His criticism of the numerous workers from Europe and beyond is exposed with his use of the language of another country to describe his hypocrisy when writing about this bridge. He is guilty of using the aid of language beyond Scottish shores, mimicking his criticism of the use of workers beyond Scottish shores to build bridges. A small point but the irony is not lost on me!

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  2. Deep down really loathes himself and rather than self harm he choses to rationalise his hate by blaming everybody else.

    Deeply flawed person


  3. Daisley’s comments have been appearing on a number of pro-indy FB pages parroted by moronic followers. One reply to one of the trolls really made it clear what one of tha admins thought. The troll was told that the next time she wanted to “piss on Scotland” she should find a more appropriate place. It was then explained that, thanks to Thatcher the country’s most efficient steel plant was shut down to reprieve the steel plants in the NE of England temporarily. The plant sacrificed was …… Ravenscraig!

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  4. Daisley and his BritNat ilk are feart that this Scottish government will, heaven forbid, instill a sense of national pride in Scotland’s people. That kind of thing will not be countenanced by the Britnats.

    Who knows where it will lead? Next thing you know those pesky Scots will think they’re capable of being independent.

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  5. The successful completion of this iconic bridge is the worst possible scenario for the disciples of the Union.
    It confirms that the SG have indeed been “getting on with the day job”. In fact, they have been attending to this huge Civil Project for 10 years – and it has been delivered close to the projected completion date with a whopping underspend of 1/4 of a BILLION quid!
    The structure is a thing of beauty and has shattered numerous global records during its construction. It was exclusively funded by Scottish money – not a penny was procured from the wonderful “Union of equals” we are yolked to. The design is Scandinavian. The workforce was truly international with employees from 24 different countries. The bridge components were sourced from China, Spain and numerous other countries. An American and a Scottish team managed the Project. A number of international engineering and construction firms (including one from Scotland) constructed the bridge.
    The attention of the world has focused on the completed bridge and it has been hailed as a modern masterpiece of design, flare, innovation and construction.
    It will stand for a minimum working life of 120 years and innovative features built into the structure will mean that the cables can be replaced when required without disruption to the traffic flow on the bridge.
    Wind problems associated with the old bridge have been eliminated on the new bridge by installing special screens that act as deflectors and diffusers – effectively removing any threat to high-sided vehicles.
    The bridge is a resounding success. The achievement is all the more impressive when you consider the catalogue of objections and outright opposition to the project by all three Unionist parties ten years ago. The SNP stuck to their guns and went ahead – knowing the existing bridge had a finite life-span and its sell by date was fast approaching as a safe conveyor of ever-increasing heavy traffic.
    Now its there for everyone to celebrate as a job well done – and a job funded and managed by the Scottish government – an obvious testament to the ability of Scotland to manage her own affairs – despite all the negativity and blatant attempts to ridicule and demoralise the project from the Unionists at Holyrood.
    And there lies the dilemma for the Unionists. All three parties have been completely silent on the subject of the bridge. Kezia Dugdale chose the period of hand over from constructors to the SG to announce her resignation as leader of Scottish Labour – timed to stick one final spanner into the works by attempting to turn the spotlight away from the bridge (it didn’t work of course). Colonel Ruth Davidson has gone AWOL and has made no comment on the bridge whatsoever. Wee Willie has also been silent.
    The usual suspect Tory MSP’s (like Jackson Carlaw) have made jibes and derogatory comments – but that’s about it – not one has had the decency to face the reality of the situation..
    What worries them now is that the SG can’t be ridiculed on any part of this success story. The bridge is there in its full glory and it has proved to be inspirational to so many ordinary Scots who have experienced a real sense of pride – something that’s been lacking for a long time in this time of austerity, Brexit and general uncertainty for the future.
    The Unionists have been struck dumb – unable to bring themselves to congratulate the SNP led SG. The longer they ignore the situation, the greater the chance for the electorate to see the SG in a positive light – and then that could lead to re-assessing all those other good ideas and initiatives the SNP have introduced over the years – which then opens the door to questioning all that negativity that came from the Unionists in each case.
    Ultimately, there is a distinct possibility that the enthusiasm and national pride instilled by the bridge will cause many to re-evaluate Scotland’s ability to stand on her own two feet and face the world as an independent nation once again.
    And finally… we have Brexit looming… maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of “too wee, too poor, too stupid” Scotland.
    Here’s hoping 🙂

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  6. And this from a party that wanted a minutes silence for a clock getting a refurbishment (I’m not even going to mention the embarrassing cost of that project).


  7. People from across the world on Twitter love the fantastic and beautiful bridge. Only BritNat Scottish unionists & columnists seem to hate it.

    They really can’t stand Scotland being seen in a positive light on the world stage, while Brexit Uk is mocked. Sad people.


  8. No doubt he’ll tell us next it was English money that built it as the Scottish taxes used to build it were “resting” in the treasurys bank account!


  9. Ill say it as no one else will, ignore the fat sweaty obese lardbucket, he is a poor excuse for a journo and dont we all know it his bread and butter is talking scotland down the fat prick, ignore him as hes not worth the effort


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