Queensferry Crossing: Scottish not British

by Jeggit


Have you seen it yet? Our new Queensferry Crossing is an engineering masterpiece, or – as we say here in Scotland, it’s braw. This bridge is the largest of its kind in the world, and it is unique in that it is constructed on a location where there are three bridges each built in three different centuries – a perfect testimony to the proud history of Scotland. We should all be very proud of what Scotland has achieved in this project.

Sadly, given the current political climate in Scotland, it did not take long for the British government and unionist politicians and media to start stealing the credit for it from the Scottish government. In the BBC’s promotional video – showcasing “British” engineering – Scotland was not mentioned once. This bridge could have been in London as far as it was concerned. This nasty little propaganda film opens with the words “The UK’s tallest bridge” superimposed over and aerial picture of a bridge that is most definitely in Scotland.

Back in 2012, when the Scottish government’s project began, unionists were up in arms. The Labour blogger Duncan Hothersall called it “unnecessary,” while Labour life-peer dismissed it as a “vanity project.” Now that it’s all finished, looking good and everything it was cracked up to be and more, they have all changed their tune.

When the idea of a bridge was proposed, as long ago as 1997, it was the British Labour government that cancelled the plans for the bridge. For a party that spends so much energy in Holyrood complaining about the Scottish infrastructure, it has gained for itself an awful track record for undermining Scotland and weakening its infrastructure. But they won’t mention that now that the SNP are in government and actually doing what Labour never did.

Then in 2009 when the Scottish government was putting plans in place to start the build, it was the Labour government in London that set about hindering the plans by refusing advanced capital funding. London’s agenda was always to interfere with this bridge because of the benefits it would have for Scotland and because it would finally show the SNP in government to be the real, grown up government that it is.

Then guess who gets to be the voice of this great new “British” bridge? Gordon Brown. As he sees the Queensferry Crossing, it had nothing to do with Scotland. This was the achievement of globalisation. Sure, didn’t all the steel come from China? It came from China because the only place in Scotland that could have produced what was required – Ravenscraig – was shut down by the British government. But more than this, he went on to take the credit for ending the tolls over the Fourth, when in fact that – again – was the Scottish government under the SNP.

The truth is that neither Gordon Brown nor the British government in London had anything at all to do with the Queensferry Crossing. This was a Scottish project, by the Scottish government, with Scottish money. Someone had better get on to the BBC and let it know this, because it is now determined, along with every unionist in Scotland, that it is somehow British.

“Bridges are symbols of nations’ aspirations. Good, awe-inspiring bridges – as Queensferry Crossing is – are signs of the health of a nation.”

Bridges are symbols of nations’ aspirations. Good, awe-inspiring bridges – as Queensferry Crossing is – are signs of the health of a nation. So we can understand why the British government and the BBC have now gone into overdrive to convince us and the world that this particular bridge is a comment on the health of the British state. It is a comment alright – it is a comment that Scotland has a vision, and that we are getting on with the business of realising that vision for Scotland and the people of Scotland in spite of the shambolic state of Brexit Britain.

So well done Scotland! Well done us! And well done the Scottish government for delivering on something so amazing – on time and below budget – that we can be proud of. We did this for ourselves and for Scotland, and to show Britain and the whole world that we are a nation ready and waiting to take our place in the world. Let’s see in the Queensferry Crossing a sign at the beginning of our journey, as we cross over to our remarkably bright future.


The Butterfly Rebellion
Jason Michael
Ayrshire, Scotland

4 thoughts on “Queensferry Crossing: Scottish not British

  1. Well since the “British Political and Media” are trying to grab credit for such an achievement, It is only their second achievement in 51 years after “Britain” won the World Cup


  2. Whereas it is true that much of the materials and workforce have not come from Scotland, this is, without a shadow of a doubt, Scotland’s Bridge. It was the SNP Government that drove the vision for this, after Labour had abandoned it and the Tories tried to force it through as a PFI scheme. It is Scotland’s money that has paid for it and Scotland’s money alone.

    If we had waited for “Britain” to build this bridge, we would still be waiting and there would be chaos across the roads of central and east Scotland as the 1964 Forth Road Bridge was forced into closure.


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