This Affront to Scotland

by Jeggit

Yesterday the Daily Mail broke the story that the British government is to cancel Nicola Sturgeon’s face to face meetings with the Prime Minister. According to the paper’s source – a government minister – this is because these normal and routine meetings between the Prime Minister and the Scottish First Minister give too much credence to the head of the Scottish government, giving the impression that Nicola Sturgeon is an “international leader” rather than the head of a devolved government. Now instead of briefings with the British premier Ms Sturgeon is to deal with David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland, who – it is felt – “is at the same level as her.”

Our position is that this is an outrage, a blatant insult to the dignity of our elected First Minister and a sign of the contempt in which the current British administration holds devolution. We can be under no illusions about the implications of this decision. The suggestion that the office of First Minister is beneath the status of an international leader is a fundamental contradiction of the constitutional arrangement by which we are subjugated to the British state. The term inter-national, coined by the jurist Jeremy Bentham in 1780, simply means “between nations.” Degrading the office of First Minister of Scotland – elected by the sovereign will of the Scottish people – to anything less than an international leader, considering neither Theresa May nor David Mundell have a democratic mandate in Scotland, is nothing less than a denial of the nationhood of Scotland.

This odious flunky, an embarrassment to his nation, is to be imposed on Scotland as an equal to the person we have elected to represent us in our national government.

It is the First Minister of Scotland and not the Secretary of State who is the Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, the symbol and instrument or royal power in this country. According to the Royal Warrant issued in June 1999, taking into account the devolution of powers from Westminster to Scotland and the creation of the office of First Minister, the holder of the First Ministerial office in Scotland outranks the Secretary of State. As the First Minister is outranked – in terms of governance – only by Mrs Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, members of her family, and her appointed Prime Minister, limiting Ms Sturgeon to communication with the British government through a mere secretarial functionary of the state can be understood only as an attempt to humiliate both the First Minister and Scottish democracy.

In the person of this imperial lackey, David Mundell, we have a man who refused – as an elected member of the Westminster parliament – to stand up for his constituents and his country when the British government used £1.5bn of our money to bribe the openly anti-Catholic sectarian and racist DUP into supporting Mrs May’s all but rejected Conservative Party. This odious flunky, an embarrassment to his nation, is to be imposed on Scotland as an equal to the person we have elected to represent us in our national government.

Such a brazen effort to downgrade our First Minister’s relationship with the British state further implies a more comprehensive assault on devolution itself. In fact the groundwork for this siege has already been laid in the draft of the so-called Great Repeal bill. It is the intention of the British government to transfer or repatriate powers from the European Union’s acquis communautaire into UK law by mediaeval fiat – that is the “Henry VIII clauses” or the 1539 Statute of Proclamations granting the government the unlimited and unquestionable right to legislate by dictatorial decree – thus by-passing Scotland as it claims all these powers for London.

As many of these legislative powers a pertinent to the devolved government of Scotland, our government will find itself further restricted by London rule – paving the way for the effective supersession of Holyrood and thus undermining its relevance and necessity. What we have in this – in the downgrading of the office of First Minister and the restriction of the Edinburgh parliament – is the reversal of Scottish devolution by stealth.

Post-Brexit Britain; politically weak, socially divided, and without any formal trade agreements with twenty-seven European states, cannot afford to lose Scotland and its resources without facing the real possibility of terminal collapse. It is inconceivable that the European Union would tolerate its most powerful financial centre remaining in the City of London after the finalisation of the Article 50 negotiations. No economic union will run the risk of having its financial security jeopardised by having its primary sorting house outside its jurisdiction. London’s last hope, as spelt out by Theresa May in her now infamous Lancaster House address, is to become a tax haven.

Post-Brexit Britain; politically weak, socially divided, and without any formal trade agreements with twenty-seven European states, cannot afford to lose Scotland and its resources without facing the real possibility of terminal collapse.

Much as it was during the financialisation of London under the neoliberal designs of Margaret Thatcher and her éminence grise Keith Joseph in the 1970s and 80s, this new plan for London will require the black gold it thieves from Scotland. It is for this reason, primarily, that the British strategy is to hold Scotland at all cost. Devolution and the growing strength of Scotland’s national aspirations have proven to be no small threat to the ambitions of the English state. After Brexit the British government has no option but to set its sights firmly on Scotland. We are living in the last days of Scotland’s devolved government, and it will end with either the reintroduction of direct rule from London or independence.

In the meantime in Scotland we are now faced with the urgent task of resisting these threats. They are beyond doubt existential. We must begin to flex our muscles, as we are far from powerless. The English exchequer benefits from the sale of English produce in Scotland and from the patronage of stores in our country headquartered south of the border. We frequently holiday in England and spend our money there. All of these things are economic choices we make when we can choose to do other things with our money. We can make the conscious decision to buy things in Scotland that are produced in Scotland, and from shops and retail stores headquartered in Scotland. We can decide not to visit England and spend our money there. When visiting family and friends in England or there on business we can choose to spend less. What is clear is that we must do something.

The Butterfly Rebellion
Jason Michael
Ayrshire, Scotland

16 thoughts on “This Affront to Scotland

  1. I agree with what you wrote until the last paragraph. Do something, but don’t start a trade war – they rarely end well. Apart from that the problem is with the Westminster Government, not those resident in England (though there have been numerous attempts to stir things up by the gutter press).
    I pointed out the likelihood of this happening way back in 2014 to members of my family who were NO voters. They pooh-poohed the idea but did say there would be hell to pay if this happened. In other words they wanted the Union but not at the expense of losing their identity and a Scottish devolved Government. They and others like them are now open to persuasion. So, get persuading.

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    • And what about the minority Conservative government in Westminster – is it not an even BIGGER affront? Its total incompetence is breathtaking in its absurdity!!!

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  2. The Memorandum of Understanding which was agreed to by all parties involved makes it quite clear that the UK Prime Mnister does not have to meet with the First Minister. A lackey can be sent to do her bidding. “The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UK government and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was agreed in September 2012. It sets out the principles which underlie relations between these administrations.” The claim that the Scottish Holyrood Parliament was the most powerful in the world was clearly nonsense and about time the People of Scotland woke up and realised it.


  3. The SNP exist now to undermine the UK so why should the PM meet with the jumped up first Minister of a devolved parliament that is supposed to be serving the people of Scotland at a more local level. Instead Sturgeon uses that position to try and split the people of the UK up, fermenting hatred and fake grievance. Get on with your job Sturgeon our children deserve better. Shouting TOAAAREEEES can only last so long, even your own loyal voters are fed up with it.


  4. The Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Scotland speak for Scotland. Sturgeon is, merely, a mayor in charge of a ‘supercouncil’ and is NOT an elected Member of Parliament. In reality, Hannah Bardell is senior to Sturgeon.


  5. What stone did these people crawl out from under? Not the Stone of Scone for sure! That’s still safely hidden away. Maybe it was orange?! I hear orange is the new black? They’re certainly black in outlook. Let’s hope they’re not all blackguards! The person who speaks for Scotland is whoever the Scottish people choose- certainly not Theresa May or her would-be governor for the evil empire. Economic pressure works. Those of us who used it to bring an end to apartheid in South Africa have experienced it firsthand. Shoppers have power. No consumers=no capitalism. I recommend an old 1960s thriller by Douglas Hurd called ‘Scotch on the Rocks’ which is fairly prophetic. Remember Every Rebellion begins with HOPE.

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  6. The refusal to deal with the First Minister directly is not a measure of the governments disdain, it is a symptom of Mays inability to deal directly with Sturgeon, it shows how bady damaged May is that she cannot be trusted to deal with the First Minister, we have them on the run!


  7. The great political con is that all in the United Kingdom are equal, because we’re not, take Brexit, one minute they say we’re voting as a United Kingdom which is four constituent equal political parts then when they don’t like the result they alter the words to become “One country” now which is it ? because you can’t argue Britain because that’s geography not Nationality

    I often offer the monkey on a stick argument which is , if the people of England vote for that prospect Scotland under English argument has to have that no matter how ridiculous it may be because of the rigged voting system which makes numbers in one country (England) the winner every single time

    The argument again is made clear by the fact that if every man woman and eligible young person in Scotland no matter who your particular preference might be votes for a thing, Scotland cannot have that thing if England votes differently, now that principle applies to any party you might vote for so for those who think this is all a great way to undermine the SNP should remember it’s not the SNP who’s being undermined it’s the population and Parliament of Scotland, so if you think voting Labour for example makes all this go away you’d be entirely wrong

    Of course the Brexiters and Unionists argue we should slavishly follow and do as we’re told by our masters in London whatever that may be because democratically it’s better than the EU which is not democratic
    To that argument I give you Wallonia, never heard of it? look it up and learn exactly how democratic the EU is and how the UK in it’s long Imperialistic history has never been and while you’re at it perhaps wonder at why every country who has gained their Independence from the UK isn’t on the phone wanting to rejoin, and never will

    I’m half English on my mothers side so don’t hate anybody here except for a media which tells the people of England that everyone else is either inferior to them or their enemies, therefore the English have no respect for anyone else and how could they even their own political leaders tell them everyone’s out to get them

    Divide misinform and conquer Englands political tools

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  8. Good article.

    Totally agree that May not meeting with Sturgeon, is a slight on the FM. Everyone knows that Governor General Mundell, does not represent Scotland’s interests, he represents Westminster’s interests.

    Sturgeon has met with many foreign leaders and dignitaries, May, in my opinion, doesn’t have very good communication skills, the Grenfell tragedy attests to that. She kept a very low profile, which angered the crowds.

    In realty independence is the only way forward for Scotland.

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  9. I agree with your interpretation of the situation Jason , the mere fact that this supposed rule is even considered shows the utter contempt that the English de facto parliament and it’s government hold for Scotland and the Scottish people . I am outraged and disgusted that the openly corrupt and incompetent spivs masquerading as a government have the brass neck to think that this won’t have consequences.

    And as for the people commenting on here re Nicola Sturgeon our committed and dedicated FM , this is not about Nicola Sturgeon this is about our COUNTRY SCOTLAND AND PROUD SCOTTISH PEOPLE this is about the usual denigration and insults , this is to undermine and reaffirm our subservience, this is to reassert Ingerlands greatness over the stupid and ungrateful sweaty socks we are not worthy of an audience with the great massa. Well I for one don’t accept any of that , they can go FCUK themselves

    And as for the cringers on here willing to accept this insult , the saying proud Scots but does not apply , they are neither proud they have no integrity or pride , and in my opinion they are not Scots they are wannabe inglish

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  10. Test the Act of Union under law Scots to establish who are indeed The Peoples Representatives at Westminster who make Scots Laws -All MPs or ONLY Scots MPs. The former would be contrary to the Union Act ( The written Act ) and also contrary to the UN / EUCHR protocol of Human Right to Meaningful Representation ( UKSC 2017) Identity and the Right to self determination. The latter would clarify The Peoples Representatives of Scotland can make, break and modify law Scots!!! If the Act of Union meant the current shenanigans at Westminster are Lawful then surely the Act of Union would state the obvious UK is one country and one law. Funny to relate the Union Act and the EU Treaty at this time – both are meant to be FOR Sovereign States to work together obviously not the case in Westminster Establishment case . Must rabbit – The EU DOES NOT make Sovereign State Laws – The EU member State Governments , after debate by the Elected Representatives MEPs , decide whether to “sign up to” or decline EU derived directives – but one thing is sure 27 countries believe in that system whereas UK Gov believes it can say and do one thing today and another thing tomorrow . HEED TMATS WORDS – she will reunite UK after Brexit but she’s started already she will dismantle Scotland ( especially ) keep tabs on Wales and “Protect ” Northern Ireland .

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