A Tale of Two Unions

by Eärendil

Given the choice between the best of unions and the worst of unions, Scotland will soon make the easy choice of staying in the European Union and leaving the United Kingdom. Theresa May and her Conservative mob have boxed themselves into a corner. Holding the EU referendum in the first place was a colossal mistake and now they are forced into making decisions that will impoverish and weaken the UK and her citizens. Inevitably, the consequence is Scotland and probably Northern Ireland breaking away.

May has promised to trigger Article 50 by March and despite Tory delusions that they can eat cake and still have cake, they will be turfed out the EU in two years without any cake whatsoever. The fact that the founding fathers created the EU as a social and economic union, that the free market and free movement of people are indivisible, is seemingly incomprehensible to Tory ears. Accordingly, in order to pander to the racist hordes the Conservatives and UKIP have incited, England will be forced out of the single market. The result will be the catastrophic collapse of the UK economy. The pound will be worth half a euro if they’re lucky, and an independent Scotland won’t even want to use the worthless currency. Trade agreements will take decades to sort out and unemployment and inflation will soar to epic proportions. Tories don’t care. They stand to benefit from hard times of course, and, being free of pesky human rights laws, maybe they will even bring back the good old British workhouse.


“In order to pander to the racist hordes the Conservatives and UKIP have incited, England will be forced out of the single market. The result will be the catastrophic collapse of the UK economy.”

The opportunity this presents for Scottish independence is unprecedented. Think about it. The democratic will of the Scottish vote to remain – 62 percent in every single region of the country – is unassailable. We have international law on our side with the Council of Europe (which has always been sympathetic to the democratic rights of Scotland) decreeing that nations must be allowed to choose freely their international political status, and having Scotland in the EU benefits the EU 27. Besides our massive wealth, strong GDP, and bountiful natural resources, everybody loves Scotland. At a time where EU cohesion and stability is threatened, keeping Scotland, as petulant England leaves, sends a strong message.

Once Article 50 is triggered Scotland will hold its independence referendum as the ‘material change in circumstances’ outlined in the recent SNP manifesto will have been realised. Against the backdrop of Brexit and Tory chaos, Scotland will become an independent nation free to inherit the UK’s membership of the EU. We will then be protected by EU treaties. I hate to expect the worst from our dear neighbours but the violent experiences of Ireland in escaping colonial rule must be considered in the Scottish context. To think that Westminster will allow us to toddle off with all our wealth and oil is probably naive. Attack any member state of the EU however and you have 27 member states to contend with. Will America want to back up little England then? I have my doubts.

As the English economy nosedives and as living standards and working conditions plummet into a Dickensian nightmare, Scotland’s Government will pragmatically continue our progressive, left of centre policy agenda and demonstrate just how awful the Tories really are. A beacon of northern hope will shine out to enlighten Europe. Parts of England and Wales may even join the new Scottish economic tiger as it forges a different path to that of backward bunker Britain. Like all migrants to Scotland, they will be most welcome.

As England starts having to pay huge tariffs on all its goods, as European Structural Funds and scientific benefits dry up, as all the migrants filling skills gaps are deported and two million expats have to return home – hard Brexit will begin to devastate the very regions that voted for it. Meanwhile Scotland will benefit from companies moving north to retain barrier-free access to EU markets. Our companies will thrive, growth and jobs will increase and Scotland will be free to develop the new social and economic leadership that the international stage requires of us. I can’t wait.

The Butterfly Rebellion
Glasgow, Scotland

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Unions

  1. delusive don’t waste my time

    Butterfly Rebellion webmaster: No one is making you read this blog. By all means disagree and debate. Please refrain from such dismissive and pointless comment. Thank you.

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  2. A picture of milk & honey for one & a plate of gruel for the other is not really my vision of an Independent Scotland nor that of rUk. I feel the road for Indy does not stop once we have independence but that it is only the beginning of that road. Many hard choices to be made & mistakes to make and learn from. Not easy street but more a bumpy road to the final destination. How we get there & what remains from our original thinkings will define us & what we call home.

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    • This is a very good observation Robert. I agree. I think that we would be very naive to think that independence will be plain sailing. We will have a new state to stabilise and a nation to build – not to mention that powerful grieved neighbours we will have. Yet this is a journey we must begin, as I am sure you agree.


  3. England chose to leave the EU, Scotland did not. I’m sorry if that decision means they will have a hard time to come but, honestly, that’s just the way it is. Scotland has to think of her own future now.

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  4. I also agree independence will not be easy. I look forward to being able to make and learn from numerous mistakes as an independent country. England leaving EU does however give Scotland an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of though, has to be said.


  5. Utter keech from start to finish, in my opinion. Still, if it keeps you happily deluded a wheen longer that’s fine by me.

    Dream on for a few more months. Reality is, very soon, going to bite you.

    Bring your Indy2 on any time you want. You already know that you will lose again.


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