Trumpageddon: The Final Curtain

Contribution from Eärendil

The farcical circus of the American presidential election is over – finally. It lasted forever and that was just from our perspective. I can’t imagine what actual Americans felt like. They must have been sick to the back teeth of Clinton and Trump by the time they finally had to vote. Wish they hadn’t bothered now.

President Trump?! I’m still in shock to be honest. He has actually proven that all you need to be president is a huge pile of money; the ridiculousness of not having election spending limits laid bare. Although we have those rules in here the Tories just ignored them last time round. Whoever can get the most corporate endorsements, the biggest bung from the gun lobby, wins the day. War wins again. Huzzah!

His election makes a mockery of politics, of democracy. I can’t help but wonder what type of person voted for this buffoon, and why. Although, the alternative wasn’t much better. As well as a thoroughly vile individual, he is a failed businessman. A man who inherited billions from his father and actually managed not to just leave the money in a stinking pile for it to accumulate millions in daily interest – he managed to decrease his net wealth considerably. He is that inept.

From denying climate change to ‘banning’ Muslims, his policy proposals range from the deluded to the dangerously insane. I can only hope he gets bored very quickly with the early morning meetings and constant engagements of being a President. Maybe he will just delegate all the decisions to someone qualified so he can focus on the fun bits of the presidency. Wishful thinking, I fear.

The problem is that he has republicans to be back him up in the congress and the senate. He has a tide of right-wing, neo-fascism erupting in Europe to take with him on his merry cavalcade too. This could really be the end of us all; the end of human rights, liberal democracy, tolerance and respect. Roll up, roll up, for the final curtain.


The rise of the élite masquerading as the everyman. People voted for anything else and not a specific something else. Hatred of government, of the status quo, of the corporate élite, of rising unemployment and low wages. The Democrats in Hillary stood for the exact same agenda of corporate neoliberalism. Faced with a binary choice that wasn’t even a choice anymore people were confused. Like our Blairites in UK the Democrats abandoned their working class roots some time ago – and they deserved all they got. Welcome to your new idiocracy of Trumpageddon.

The Butterfly Rebellion
Glasgow, Scotland

6 thoughts on “Trumpageddon: The Final Curtain

  1. Unless you live it day and night, you really don’t know. The USA is Not your country. We get the same media hype you do and more. And we livel the reality of it. So, your comments come from a removed position and lack credibility. One son is in the military and works for the federal government, and another is a composer in California and a daughter is working on her Masters Research and Organization plus a license in Yoga Therapy at the same time in St Paul while she teaches ESL. So they all live here in this country. All will be affected by his presidency as much or more than I will be, their retired teacher mom. So, the Butterfly Rebellion’s comments really don’t concern me. I suspect you understand why.


    • Confused as to what your actual point is that you are trying to make here other than ‘You don’t live there; you don’t have a say’


  2. Not a very good understanding of American politics. “The other choice wasn’t much better” didn’t even come close to the very serious problems with the Democratic Party (read the Podesta emails) and Hillary Clinton. And yes, the Republicans control congress and by far the majority of state houses which is more important than you may realize but there are serious fractures in the Republican Party. Just look at the number of Republicans who didn’t support Trump to see that. However, so is the Democratic Party which is likely to be at war with itself for the foreseeable future over the incompetence shown in losing not just the presidency but the numerous other elections.


  3. Thanks for your comments folks. I can understand you not liking me trashing your political system, sorry about that. I’m off to stick up on tinned goods now…


  4. worst writing ever published through the Butterfly. Low on analysis, devoid of insight and added nothing to anyone’s awareness or understanding of the complex issues underlying a momentous democratic decision


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