Westmonster Kills Scotland

The very real threat from our new fascist Tory overlords has become critical. With Brexit they’re free from external EU moderation to proceed apace with the rapid erosion of our fundamental right to healthcare and the privatisation of our NHS. Scotland’s NHS is devolved but this will not save us from international trade agreements and cuts to public health funding that aim to move UK state provision of healthcare into the hands of private enterprise.

Leaving the EU will not save us from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which would be the death of the NHS, as it stands. The main threat to our beloved NHS is from America and I have no doubt whatsoever that the Tories will sign their own trade agreement with America that gives private enterprises unhindered access to cannibalise our NHS (many Tories have commercial interests in the very key companies concerned). Cameron’s government refused to exempt our NHS from TTIP whilst we were in the EU, despite our friends in Europe negotiating exemption clauses for anyone who wanted them. France has exempted their film industry already; culture being important to them.

Personally, the NHS has saved me from chronic pain. It has saved my mum from the big three: cancer, heart attack and stroke (as well as ongoing lupus and resultant kidney transplant). Without the NHS I would have been a teenaged orphan. The impact of their skilled care on myself and two successful brothers’ upbringing has brought huge benefits to society; not to mention the 25 years my mum devoted to helping vulnerable people in Glasgow as a senior community worker. It doesn’t even make economic sense to destroy our NHS. Set up by Bevan to keep the working population healthy and paying income tax, its core purpose of keeping the economy going (never mind the humanity) is clearly surplus to Tory requirements. What do they care? The one percent can afford to pay for private healthcare.

Within days of the Brexit vote the unelected Lords had a debate about whether the NHS should be free. Jeremy Hunt then imposed his junior doctors’ contract and cut bursaries for nurses, despite an unprecedented shortage of nurses at crisis levels (in England – Scotland has not imposed the contract or cut bursaries). Around 50,000 skilled migrants work in our NHS, but Theresa May’s heinous Immigration Act ensures migrants who earns less than £35,000 have to leave. When the UK leaves the EU in two years time, EU migrants will likely have to leave en masse. There isn’t enough time to train the doctors and nurses we need before Brexit happens, even if the government had the money or the will to fund the home student university places.

Thankfully in Scotland the NHS is devolved and is currently outperforming England on most levels, but our systems are interlinked, and our Scottish NHS is funded via the Barnett formula. With less state funding for healthcare at UK level, our Barnett share will be cut. International trade deals with e.g. America that erode our NHS are outwith Scotland’s competence and can be imposed on us. Our Scottish MPs could be exempt from voting on UK legislation to privatise England’s NHS due to English Votes for English Laws.

Thus Brexit ensures the Tory NHS privatisation plan will come to fruition. Without skilled practitioners it will fail, the system will collapse and the media will condemn another failed state provision. The HSBC run BBC will proclaim that only the free market will be able to save our ailing NHS. A perfect storm will ensure the Tories can finally get their grubby paws on our beloved NHS; be able to profit from our illness (or those who can afford it, at least). Well done Brexiteers. Well done.

The Butterfly Rebellion
Glasgow, Scotland

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