Relaunching the Independence Campaign

We ask you to read over this short statement of the Butterfly Rebellion’s intention to take up the First Minister’s call to build our government’s mandate for independence. If you agree then we ask you to share this message.

Yesterday the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed her intention to relaunch the independence campaign, and we are going to rise to that call. Since the last election, in spite of the number of seats gained by the Conservatives, the percentage of the electorate in support of the union with Westminster has fallen by almost ten percent, and the pro-independence parties – the SNP and the Scottish Greens – have maintained a majority in the Edinburgh parliament. Throughout the previous campaign the Yes movement was a vibrant collective of individual Scots, cultural groups, and political parties united in the common struggle for national self-determination, and so the four seats added to the Greens gives us cause to celebrate the reaffirmation of that Yes culture in the Scottish politics.

Since 19 September 2014 the Butterfly Rebellion has been committed to the openness and diversity of the Yes movement, welcoming people of any political affiliation and none who are dedicated to the cause of Scotland’s complete separation from the United Kingdom. Today we are proud to say that we still hold to that same openness and welcome, and today we ask you, the people of Scotland, to permit us to walk with you on the road to victory.

The Scottish National Party has pledged, starting this summer, to begin the work of building a majority for independence, and this work is the shared task of everyone who desires to see our country free. It is with this in mind that we have decided, without reservation, to join ourselves to this work – not for sectarian political gain but for the benefit of Scotland alone, for our lives and for our futures. We ask that you too will get involved and work with us and so many others for the creation of a wholly sovereign and independent Scotland.

Our Plan of Action

At present there are two routes ahead for the independence movement; those being either a second referendum on the constitutional question or an assertion of our statehood by our government in Edinburgh. Neither of these now can be ruled out, and we, the people of Scotland, must not allow them to be set aside until we have what we want.

Both of these will require the mandate of the sovereign will of the people of Scotland, a mandate we already hold by a slim margin in our national parliament. Trusting then that our democratically elected Scottish government will advance the cause of independence in Edinburgh, we must take it upon ourselves to strengthen and increase that mandate in the work that we do in every part of our nation; on all our streets and in all our homes.

Starting now we must redouble our own efforts and encourage those who have lost heart, rebuilding the vast movement with which we shook the world during the last ‘Summer of Yes.’ No one is going to hand this movement to us. It was always only our movement, and only we ourselves can give it flight again.

Unite the Clans: We must take it upon ourselves, personally and with our groups of allies and compatriots, to bring all of the parties and groups that were Yes Scotland back together again – ready to be primed once more to storm the gates of liberty. Across Scotland we have witnessed the coming together of the miserable clouds of unionism and vicious British nationalism. Again, it is only we ourselves who can build a better alternative for Scotland’s future than that offered by these blood-soaked relics of an Empire that brought nothing but suffering to the world.

We are preparing to stand up not only for Scotland and our children, but for our souls. As London continues its morbid imperial fetish in the Middle East, raining down devastation on children, our own children are being driven ever deeper into the dark hole of poverty to pay for its killing machines. By freeing ourselves we can offer London too the chance to free itself from its slavery to greed and violence, and in so doing we will make the world a better, safer place for all.

Once we have brought this whole movement together we must grow it daily with gentle persuasion, taking the case for Scotland to those who are limited to the news and spin of London Rule. At the end of the last campaign the over sixty-fives were subjected to the most vindictive application of shock and fear by the British establishment. We must never allow this to happen again. These were our parents and grandparents who were victimised and bullied, many – as the results of the referendum showed – into submission.

What was this other than a twenty-first century Ragman Roll? A decision made under duress is no decision at all.

Scotland was told in no uncertain terms that industries and businesses would close their doors and move south if we chose to be an independent country. Important information about our North Sea oil reserves was withheld from us until after we had made our choice. Westminster told us one shameless lie after another. This was not informed consent. This was intimidation.

Today we begin anew to take the truth back out into the Scotland we love. There is no need for us to engage in the same tactics that were employed against us; there is no need for us to do this because we know that we have the truth on our side, that it is the best thing to do for Scotland, and we do this without forgetting the violent nature of the Better Together campaign that was waged against us before. We go out like lambs among wolves – prepared and ready.

Call to Action

If we are prepared to go through the whole rigmarole again, then each and every one of us must be prepared to lead the way. We must not be afraid to make the first move in reuniting people and gathering new groups and communities together. If we want Scotland, then each and every one of us must be prepared to be invested in the campaign and responsible for it, not waiting on others to invite us, but active and ready.

Everyone can be persuaded if we are prepared to be gentle and kind enough, remembering that the Scotland we want to see is a Scotland that will be for the good of everyone in it. Our Labour and Tory friends are conservative all too often because they are afraid of change. It is up to us to show them that, even without knowing it, their greatest fear is staying in a union that is slowly poisoning Scotland.

Our objective is simple: To build within Scotland a clear majority for independence that will demand and justify either the declaration of our independence or the calling of a second national referendum. This means that every single Scottish voice and opinion counts, and that it is our responsibility, right now, to start reaching out to them. No one will do this for us.

It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom alone, which no honest person gives up but with life itself.
– Declaration of Arbroath

The Butterfly Rebellion
Glasgow, Scotland

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