Protect and Survive 2015

David Cameron has secured yet another majority Conservative government in Westminster; a government that will be able, under the guise of democracy, to dictate its terms to the people of Scotland. In fact this government has the power to dictate its terms (or “govern” as Cameron has called it) to every last person in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as well. Austerity – the programme of economic terrorism which protects the rich at the expense of the poor – is to continue. This means that cuts to the tune of £12 billion will be slashed from basic welfare services in the UK, meaning that even more families living on the edge will be left without food, fuel, and shelter. In an attempt to stop Scottish people defending themselves from the coming savagery Cameron has stated uncategorically that there will not be another referendum on independence.

With his new Westminster majority there are few in Scotland would deny that he and his minions are already sharpening their teeth in preparation for their vengeance on us for daring to challenge his sacred union and his government’s access to our wealth. Before even the referendum there were voices warning that if our bid for independence failed we would be punished for having dared, and now we are in that period of the Ango-Caledonian Cold War before actual hostilities erupt, and we feel it in our bones that it is coming. We can only suspect that it is coming, but Cameron and his allies know it is coming, and one must suspect that he even knows the day and the hour.

By returning 56 National Party MPs to Westminster the people of Scotland have shown that we had intuited our need both to press forward with our claim and to protect ourselves from the consequences when the empire strikes back. We are fortunate that we are not without defence. On May 7 a strong front was formed across the country – our country – to continue the struggle even in the lion’s den, and that struggle was given voice on the streets of London when thousands went out to protest against the injustice of Tory rule. Not for decades has it been seen quite so plainly that Scotland has common cause with the ordinary working people in the other countries on this island. English society too, like here in Scotland, is on the verge of open revolt.

No one wants to see violence on the streets. This would serve no one’s interests. What violence was witnessed on the streets of London in recent days underlines the frustration and the deep sense of powerlessness that people are feeling. Violence such as this is born of fear, and people are afraid. They should be afraid! If nothing is done they have nothing to expect but the hammer blow that most certainly is about to be delivered. Fear leads to violence, and – in turn – violence leads to disorder. Nothing creates easy pickings for the wolves more than disorder and fear. In fairness to the London protesters, however, what media reports did actually emerge from the chaos indicate that the primary source of the physical violence was the police force.

At present this is the situation we find ourselves in. Fear won the day in Scotland back in September, and now, both here and across this island, people are living in fear of the tidal wave of austerity they see coming their way and against which they feel powerless. Anger and violence are a response, but we know that these are ultimately futile. After all it is the state (over which the Conservatives have the reins) that holds the monopoly on violence.

In the garden that is Scotland we have been busying ourselves away growing the very remedies we need to resist the coming days, and months, and years. We have built up a community and a sense of togetherness, we have organised, and we have empowered ourselves. These are the very things we should be taking to London, and all over the rUK, with a new missionary zeal. With community, organisation, and empowerment we have in our hands the very weapons of defence needed to stop the Tory beast in its tracks, and there is no reason why we should not be working with others to build up a fortress of resistance that will make Cameron’s governance impossible.

Each one of us can do this, and in fact this is what each one of us should be doing. Get involved and stay involved in the local and national community groups that are already fighting austerity and the dictatorship of the super-rich. Where these groups don’t exist – establish them, and, with help from others build them up. If Cameron wants his little disunited kingdom then let him come and try to take it from us. We will fight him street by street and house by house. Some advice from an old war-monger David Cameron should know: “Resist, resist, resist!”

– Butterfly Rebellion