The Butterfly Rebellion will Now Leave you in Better Company

06:20 We are calling it a day at this point. We would like to thank all of our readers for staying up with us through General Election 2015. This has been a night that we will never forget for as long as we live. We have seen the SNP sweep everything from the board, guaranteeing that Scottish politics and Scotland will never be the same.

We will leave you now in the better company of the very man who brought us this far – Alex Salmond MP. In so many ways this is his night. So much is owed also to our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and everyone who has worked so hard to bring us to the truly historic moment in the history of Scotland. We wish every newly elected Westminster MP in Scotland all the very best in the jobs that lie ahead of them.

Good Night – God Bless – And God Bless Scotland

It Has Been a Long Day in Scottish Politics – Now We Have a Job to Do

05:47 We doubt that this is the last we will hear of George Galloway, but for right now he has lost his seat. Right now 56 seats out of 59 seats in Scotland have been declared, and 53 of those are in the hands of the SNP. You would not be wrong to think that we have been witness to – this past day – a revolution. From a mere 6 Westminster seats, and a previous all-time high of 11 seats, the National Party has effectively torn Scotland away from the rUK.

For all Labour’s defeat talk about the “dangers of Nationalism” it is there for everyone to see that the utter humiliation of Britain’s Labour branch in Scotland has been all its own doing. What did they expect? What country do they think they are in? The very moment they decided to leap into bed with the Tories the game was up. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the game is up for Unionist Labour in Scotland.

When we emerge from our beds later this morning, we will be waking up to a whole new Scotland – and we have work to do. We all have to learn the lessons of Labour’s extinction. We cannot spend the next days, weeks, and months gloating over this victory. We still have a nation to win, and to win this nation of ours it remains our greatest task to keep it together. This must be the priority of our New Scotland.

It is Safe for People to Go to Bed Now. We’ve Won!

04:49 Right now there is a sea of yellow lying over the super-shrunken political map of Scotland. History has been made and all other political parties have been all but wiped off the board in Scotland. We have done so much better than we could have ever imagined a few short months ago.

Our hope at this point is that Edinburgh South is the very last little splatter of red-toryism we see on the map between now and the final declaration. It must be a very cold night for the members of the Scottish branch of Britain’s Labour Party, but we are delighted to hear the roar of the New Scotland.

Well Done to Orkney and Shetland!

04:08 Unbelievable! It wasn’t as though the islanders in the far north voted for a party that was holding its own against the SNP. No, Orkney and Shetland had to vote for the only party in the whole of the British Isles that isn’t holding its own against anyone. We can’t help but agree with Stephen Daisley on this:

We can’t be too tough on them. These have been trying times, and the personalities behind one of the islands’ cats haven’t exactly bathed themselves in glory in the past number of months. It is what it is. It is more than just the North Sea that now separates the Vikings up there from the rest of us down here.

What A Very Special Night for Scotland

03:51 30 seats out of 30 called are now with the SNP. Before the rest of the world starts getting up to the news of this Scottish landslide it might be good to take some time out to gather our thoughts on what is happening. We have spent the last ten minutes screaming down the office at the news that both Murphy and Curran have fallen to the Scottish National tidal wave. We can only now imagine what it will be like for folk hearing of this when they get up for their cornflakes.

One thing is for sure. Scotland will never – can never – be the same after this. In fact the UK will never be the same after this. Now Westminster – and whoever will be sitting in Number 10 – will know that we are not happy over the referendum result; the method by which it was won, the fear campaign, the “vow,” and the short change that we all got from the Smith Commission. England will have to sit up and realise for the first time, possibly ever, that we are serious about all this.

Here we are looking at a unicorn that has cast off its chains. This is what the road to independence feels like.

It’s a Revolution!


Out of 18 declarations the SNP have taken all 18 of them. There is no other name for what is happening other than a Revolution. We can now see that the people of Scotland have learned their lesson from September. Labour have certainly learned a lesson: You bend over for the Tories to deprive Scotland of independence and the people of Scotland spit you out like a coughed-up bogie. All eyes are now on East Renfrewshire where Jim Murphy is clinging for dear life against Kirsten Oswald… It’s being declared NOW!…

Jim Murphy is GONE!!!

30,000 to SNP in Kilmarnock and Lounoun | “A Gushing Artery”


Well that was first blood! Kilmarnock. and Loudoun. We are also now hearing the same from the Western Isles. It now looks as though that the rest of the night will be a very tough time for Labour in Scotland. It is to be noted that neither Kilmarnock nor the Western Islands voted for independence in the September 2014 referendum. Like no other piece of news this tells us that everything is on the move in Scotland.

Dunclan Says “It Has Been a Privilege Playing with You” as Ship goes Down


 So Where Has Michael McCann MP for East Kilbride Gone?


The pressure of the impending SNP landslide in Scotland has taken it’s toll on one Labour MP. Michael McCann, the standing Member of Parliament for East Kilbride (the very one who scolded us back in September for using Gaelic in an email to him), has deleted his Twitter account rather than take the heat when he loses his seat to SNP’s Lisa Cameron later in the morning.


So What’s With the Map Everyone is Using for this Election?

01:08 Thank goodness we’re not the only folk to be thinking that there is something fishy about this map that everyone is using to chart the count of this general election. It’s one hell of an ugly graphic, but does seem to be an entertaining interactive experience for politics students – and that’s what it’s all about.

As soon as we suggest that this beehive bullshit may have been adopted to minimise the size and indeed the significance of Scotland to this election we are going to be hit with the sledge hammer of conspiracy. So we won’t go there at all. We will only say that as a visual representation of hexagonal constituencies it works rather well. As an aside it is worth mentioning that Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland are visually at least put in their place.


Some of the most recent comments from the commentariat:

Kay Burley says “Huge surprise in Scotland” as British Labour Party faces a complete wipe-out here in Scotland. Where the hell has she been for the last couple of months?

Ed Balls claims that Scotland will pay a price for what we have done. We are quaking in our boots.

No results are in yet from any of the Scottish constituencies. Looking at the campaign over Scotland we can say that it was largely a clean political campaign, but it wasn’t the same south of the border. You may remember that through the referendum campaign Yes campaigners were being shot down as ‘racists’ for the merest mention of England or the English in what was a Scottish democratic decision. Over the last week the Conservatives in England have capitalised in a wave of anti-Scottish feeling that has been sweeping over the traditional Tory heartlands.

After tonight it is clear that we have a job of work cut out for ourselves. We have to show that Scottish Nationalists are genuinely interested in what is good for Scotland. What is good for Scotland is that with a majority of the Scottish Westminster seats we make Scotland a better place – getting the very best deal for Scotland and Scottish people, no matter what party they voted for today. We must not allow the Westminster establishment’s demonising of us to hold water.

Remember to refresh your browser to check for more updates.

11:10 pm
We would like to take this time to congratulate every candidate, regardless of the party they represent, for conducting such a wonderful and good-spirited campaign over the whole of Scotland. Once again we have been a credit to ourselves, and this is something of which we should all be proud.

Already we are reading comments over social media indicating that people are both excited by this election and expecting an SNP landslide in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon also made a point of thanking everyone in Scotland for making the effort to get out and vote. We are still celebrating the fact that we are one of the greatest democracies in the world. We haven’t heard a peep from Jim Murphy in seven hours.

More to follow through the night. Let us know how your night is going.

Hello and Welcome to the Butterfly Rebellion liveblog of Election results night 2015. We will be posting here from 10pm so refresh the page periodically to get our latest updates. Alba Gu Brath!

22:09 OK People, the polls are now closed!! Let us know what you are up to the nicht and if you plan on colouring in that nifty wee map that came with today’s “National”.

22:17 Exit polls are out, it is looking very very dramatic for Scotland – SNP are at an estimate of 58 seats – WOW