Did the TV Man Call You a Nationalist for Rejecting the Lies?

Swastikas are being daubed on walls all over Scotland. All over social media we are reading words of hatred; words like “Nazis” and “Brown Shirts,” evoking the disgusting memory of the European Fascism of the 1930s and 40s. Once again the symbols of fear and intolerance are being used in Scotland to intimidate Scottish people in the days before an election. These are not the symbols of the Scottish Independence Movement. No, they are being painted on the walls and cast out over social media by the very people who raised the “Red Hand of Ulster” salute in Freedom Square last September, by those who see immigration as a reason to exit the European Union, and by those who take pride in the fact that there ain’t no black in the Union Jack.

Without irony these people are working to create an association between these horrid symbols and the desire of the Scottish people for better representation at Westminster and an eventual separation from a union that has so impoverished us. It was Westminster – led by the Labour Party – that fabricated reasons to take our young people into an illegal invasion of Iraq where now, as a result, more than one million innocent people have died.

Yet it is the Independence Movement, the same movement that has consistently advocated the rights of all Scottish people regardless of race or creed, that has stocked up Foodbanks to feed the thousands of hungry families that Labour and Tory governments have impoverished, and decried the ceaseless warmongering of Westminster and the presence of its nuclear weapons in Scotland, that is called “Nazi.” Union flag waving thugs assault young women in Glasgow for the crime of defending our saltire, and the victims are the fascists? An elderly man in Edinburgh is punched by men chanting the “Better Together” mantra for saying Yes to being Scottish, and he is the Nazi?

Labour and Conservative governments at Westminster have lent unconditional support to the State of Israel, even when that support led to the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian children in Gaza. With our tax money Westminster has fuelled the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people in the cause of Israeli Nationalism – and they call us the Nazis! When we bring this inconvenient truth up we are told that Palestine has nothing to do with Scotland; it’s not what we’re about. If this were true we could all say that Westminster’s Islamophobic paranoia, the super-max security in our ports and airports, and the London bombings have nothing to do with Britain’s unconditional support of the violence against the Palestinian Nation.

Jim Murphy has been a career Friend of Israel – supporting the brutal violence of a racist Apartheid state towards a powerless nation – while remaining an ideological opponent of his own nation’s desire for self-rule. His political support of Israel’s nationalism has cost lives. He has blood on his hands, and there is the difference – we don’t. Nationalism in Scotland is not about the displacement and victimisation of people from their homeland. It is about Scots having control over their own lives and destinies in their own land. Murphy’s British Nationalism, on the other hand, has spent centuries controlling the lives and destinies of people in other lands, and it is this that Scottish nationalism rejects.

– Ùr-Fhàsaidh
Jason Michael, Ayrshire
Blog Contributor

4 thoughts on “Did the TV Man Call You a Nationalist for Rejecting the Lies?

  1. What kind of delusional mass hallucination is required to believe the MSM and SLAB narrative. Anyone who shouts back at Murphy (murphys default debating technique) is labelled a Nazi thug by the media and SLAB, While Murphys support of an illegal war that killed thousands is quietly airbrushed from history.


  2. I began thinking this might be an intelligent read, and so it began. And that was all it did. Half way through, the writer decided to apply his own opinions about the state of Israel to Scotland, as if the two could be compared.

    Well, actually, they can. Israel is a legitimate state. Scotland is a legitimate state. Israel has a large minority of Muslims who live peacefully within it and support it. Scotland has a large minority of Muslims who live peacefully within it and support it. Israel is a representative democracy where everyone has a vote. Scotland is a representative democracy where everyone has a vote.

    But there are other comparisons too. Would Scots fight to defend their country? Indeed the would and have, as Israel does. But would Scots deliberately choose schools and hospitals to launch attacks from, knowing that — indeed hoping that — the innocent would be killed in the inevitable retaliation? No, I would hope not, nor would Israelis. But Hamas does. Would Scots dig tunnels built with materials intended to construct hospitals and schools, deep into their neighbours territory, with the intention of using them to kill and maim women and children? Not any Scots I know. But Hamas does. Would Scots summarily execute those who refuse to acquiesce to a programme of barbaric violence? I hope not, and neither do Israelis. But Hamas does. Would Scotland have as a part of its constitution a pledge to utterly eradicate the state of England? It’s unthinkable. But Hamas’ constitution commits it to the annihilation of Israel.

    Underlying the author’s specious and opportunistic attack on a state that wishes only to survive in peace is a deeply nasty undercurrent of anti-Semitism masquerading as some bizarre order of ‘liberal ethics’. Well, it is a nonsense and a lie, and using Scotland’s potential future to promulgate your own nasty prejudices about Israel is sick.

    Trust me, I am against you.


    • Israel is far from being a democracy. Almost half of the human beings living under the effective control of the Knesset have no democratic voice and are under military occupation. This is related to Scotland because the UK government gives military and economic aid to this racist state. We do apologise that your feelings have been hurt Rod, but these are only the facts. Your accusation of Anti-Semitism is both predictable and disgraceful. Thanks for your comment.


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