Getting Ready for the 2015 General Election

We can all sympathise with what Mairi McFadyen describes of the experience of the National Collective in the months after the September referendum. Other than a few tweets and some other rumblings National Collective has been silent. The members of the National Collective have taken time out to reflect on the future and their individual directions. Certainly, they have not been the only ones to take time out. The YES Campaign was long and it was exhausting. We have all needed to take a step back to think and reflect. We at the Butterfly Rebellion can only extend to National Collective our sincere and heart-felt appreciation for the work they have done for the cause of Scottish independence. We would never have launched without their leadership.

All of this aside, the show must go on. At the beginning of September last year we did not expect to be looking for a “better deal” for our country in yet another tiresome general election in a foreign British parliament, but we are. The Butterfly Rebellion has had to take time for introspection and reflection in the light of the September result. With or without us the 2015 general election will go ahead, and it will have a real impact on Scotland and the lives of Scottish people. The Butterfly Rebellion launched with the singular objective of campaigning for the full separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom and disbanding on Scotland’s first day of independence. We are not there yet, and so we will be continuing – even if that means a protracted struggle through the toxic politics of Westminster.

Thankfully Ed Miliband has ruled out a coalition with the SNP. No one wants to see the National Party in bed with the beast that lied to and threatened Scotland. There must be a clear vision for filling Scotland’s seats at Westminster with pro-independence MPs, and any thinking of tactical voting must by absolute necessity exclude anyone and any party that worked to keep Scotland, its people and resources, in the pocket of London. The battle for Scotland must now be a political fight against the power of Labour in Scotland – for the power of Labour is the very stamp of Westminster’s ownership in Scotland. Labour is the enemy inside the gates.

The Butterfly Rebellion is not affiliated to any political party, and nor does it desire to be. Our one aim is the independence of Scotland, and we will continue to seek that end through whichever political party or campaign that seeks that same goal. Individual members of the Butterfly Rebellion have decided to join political parties, and individuals are always free to make this decision, but as a whole the Butterfly Rebellion has a single platform.

So this is the beginning of a new phase in our journey to independence. This is the path that will lead us through the exile of Westminster and into the dawn of a free, more just Scotland. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, and we hope that you will continue to work with us and show us the same amazing support you gave us in the months after the referendum. We did not secure the independence we sought in September, but what the result did show us is that the fight is not over. Let’s get ready for something much better.

– Butterfly Rebellion