Moving on from the Yes Year

Well patriots, compatriots, friends, and neighbours, tonight at the bells we wish fare weal tae 2014 – Scotland’s finest, almost. All of the team at the Butterfly Rebellion would like to extend to all of you, whoever you are and wherever you are, the very best for the season and the happiest of New Years. Like many years this one passing had some incredible high points, and some very low ones. Some of us may have lost loved ones, and in particular we remember with sadness the loss of Margo MacDonald and those who so cruelly lost their lives in Glasgow before Christmas.

Yet, this was a year of great joy too. The Yes Campaign was a mammoth slog, but didn’t we have fun? Aye, we never got the result that we so keenly wanted, but the days are getting longer and that journey is far from over.

Through Christmastime the fruit of all of our work – the work of hundreds of thousands of Scots – bore some breath-taking fruits. Yes Scotland brought into sharp focus some of the terrible injustices that Scotland is made to endure under Westminster rule, and sparked everywhere social action for justice and equality. Energy drives, appeals for foodbanks, toy appeals, Love in a Box campaigns and calls for volunteers were responded to with staggering generosity. Scotland awoke. Scotland is awake.

On the day of the referendum Scots rose to the occasion like no nation ever before in the history of democracy. We’re not delighted with the result, but it was a result; one which resulted in the destruction of all the powers who stood against us. They showed themselves to be fragile, and failed completely to crush us as they promised. In fact their weakness did nothing but highlight our growing strength. We – all those still working for the independence of Scotland – are stronger now than when we first began. Who would have ever imagined that result?

It’s not over!

When the gun resounds from the rock tonight a whole new year will dawn over Scotland, and we’re not in the mood for giving up. As the unionist alliance continues to disintegrate plans are being hatched in every quarter of our land for the complete separation of Scotland from Westminster. In England there are MPs seeking Home Rule for England. More power to them. Up here, let down by the Smith Commission, we’ve only become more determined to use that as a stick to beat the system with. What did we expect from a donkey but a bite?

It has been commented – and rightly so – that we (the Butterfly Rebellion) and other groups who sprouted after the referendum have been doing and saying much of the same things. This has been a very fair comment, and one that we too have been thinking of ourselves. How could it have been otherwise? It really couldn’t have. We, like all of you, were waiting for the dust to settle – and there was an almighty lot of that.

We will be continuing to seek the same end: the complete division of Scotland from the United Kingdom. We will continue to highlight the news of which we all need to be aware, and to make the arguments for an independent Scotland. We have no intention of changing this, but like everything else we will be developing and we look forward to doing this in your good company. People want to know the issues – not just become aware of them, but to understand them. We want this as well, and this is what we intend to deliver. We want more action; more doing, more outreach, and more results.

On Christmas Day, quite by accident, jelly was being prepared for the weans and I spied the shapes they were being moulded in. Butterflies! Call it what you will, but to me this was Bruce’s spider. I prefer butterflies to spiders anyway.

There will be no backing down. No stepping back. No rest. There will only be continual change – metamorphosis – and upward flight until we reach that point where we can begin to build Scotland on Scotland’s own terms.

But right now – tonight and tomorrow – it is time to celebrate.

Happy Hogmanay,

and to everyone

a great New Year!

– The Butterfly Rebellion

One thought on “Moving on from the Yes Year

  1. Thank you for your wonderful message,we will keep the fight for Freedom going until we get our Independence,I thank you for all the great work you have been doing and wish all a Wonderful New Year .
    Kind Regards
    Margaret xx


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