Our First National Congress

As Her Royal Majesty, Her Britannic Purring Excellency and all-round nice old lady, Queen Elizabeth I (she’s the first of that name in this country) was courageously defying yet another wholly imaginary terrorist gunpowder plot, and as the people of Catalonia went to the polls to reject foreign rule, members of the Butterfly Rebellion from all around Scotland gathered at 115 George Street in Edinburgh to set out the direction of the Butterfly Rebellion. It was decided that we really exist, and that we will be a thing. Having thus dealt with our initial existential crisis we reviewed the most pressing issues that press on our nation at this moment. Unanimously it was agreed that the truly appalling level of food and child poverty in Scotland was a scandal, considering the fact that there are 170 nuclear warheads kept by the Westminster government on the Clyde. There is no place in Scotland for those who would see children go without food and adequate shelter whilst supporting state sponsored terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

It was discovered that one town alone needed one ton of non-perishable food every month just to meet the most basic needs of the poorest people. This doleful picture is replicated countless times all over Scotland. To date the Butterfly Rebellion has supported the work of Yes East Ayrshire in its weekly food drive, and as the weeks and months go on the number of donations has begun to dwindle. We have decided that we must step up our commitment not only in Ayrshire but in every town and city in Scotland. It is certainly not our intention to push in on the hard work that is already being done. It is our hope to collaborate with those already committed to the task and to give them every bit of support that they need, and we ask everyone reading this to be prepared to chip in. It will be a cold winter, and nothing can be done without helping hands.

The Butterfly Rebellion is already reaching out to community groups all over Scotland seeking information on the specific requirements for food, electricity and gas over the winter months in order that we might work to coördinate information and efforts in as many localities as we can reach. It is our desire to organise a Christmas appeal that will gather toys for children, necessities for adults (especially the elderly), and food for pets (often animals are the first to go without). This will be our act of resistance against a Westminster imposed austerity programme, and we hope you are as eager to get started on this as we are.

Our social media pages will be dedicated to the dissemination of the news that we all need to hear. Members of the Butterfly Rebellion from various parts of the country will be given daily time slots on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that what is happening locally will be read nationally. Our blog will be grown to include the work of many different authors who will contribute articles dealing with the many issues that face the people of Scotland. From this point on what appears on the blog will be put in a monthly digest for print so that we can reach out more effectively to those who do not use the internet or social media, and we will do everything in our power to get our monthly digest spread over as much of Scotland as possible – as quickly as possible.

You can imagine that all of this is a tall order (and much more was discussed), but we have a dedicated team and we are confident in our abilities. We beg you for your help also. If you have skills and time to spare, we would love to hear from you. Over Christmas we will be looking for donations of food and toys for various community projects. This will need people power. Our magazine will need to be distributed in your area. This too will need people power. The Butterfly Rebellion is looking for talented and able people who are willing to give of their time and skills to transform Scotland. It was felt that if we want to live in a better Scotland that we have to start living in that better Scotland right now.

As is the nature of such things, there may be those out there who wish to steal our thunder. They are welcome to do so. If people wish to get involved in the actions that we have been discussing, but want nothing to do with the crazy Butterfly head-bangers, please, please do so. Our single objective is that this great project gets done, and that the whole of Scotland suffers a little less, and we believe that it doesn’t matter whose name is on it.

– Butterfly Rebellion