Pat Lee | The Plan for the Unilateral Declaration of Independence

Hello Butterfly Rebellion, I am Pat Lee of Biased BBC Protest, during the referendum campaign I had the honour of hosting and speaking at a number of events, culminating in the Yes Info Rally in George Square, Glasgow, on the eve of the referendum vote on the 17th September, which attracted over five thousand independent minded people.

Was our campaign a success? Yes, I believe so. The turnout for our pre-referendum rally proved that the people of Scotland were engaged, and more, we won Glasgow and shook the establishment. The result was of course devastating, to say I was distraught would be an understatement. Now after a pep-talk from my co-organisers Jordi McArthur and Moira Williams, who advised me to take a break and come back fighting, I’m back to my old self. Fortunately, I still had my holidays to go on. Two weeks in the Algarve. Just what the wife demanded; with the caveat of no debates, and no phones and no computer to be taken with us. Two week of complete rest.
We had the best holiday we have ever had.

We returned home to hundreds of contacts, the main theme in all of those contacts was where we go next. Well, that was a dilemma! While going through my Facebook and YouTube postings I came across a video of Christine Grahame MSP addressing Holyrood. She was discussing Sovereignty. She stated that “We, the Sovereign Scottish People, don’t need this place (Holyrood) to declare our Independence. We already have that right, “as Sovereignty lies with the Scots people.”

So that is where the concept of identifying the majority of Scots who support Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) came from. The Yes campaign had just disbanded. But the momentum for change had not. Now we have the Ipsos/MORI and YouGov polls reinforcing this momentum. The object of the UDI project is to find the 52 percent, have them commit by signing UDI’s, and compliment the political campaign for the 2015 General Election. Then the Yes campaigners can mobilise and help return thirty-plus (mainly SNP, with GREENS and other Independent minded) MP’s to London, thereby delivering the mandate to them to enforce delivery of “The Vow,” and leading naturally to a declaration of Independence.

“Yours for Scotland”

– Pat Lee

No sooner than Pat had gone public with his plan for the UDI than the great and the good of the union camp over Twitter and Facebook began a bitter and personal assault on him. We at the Butterfly Rebellion happen to think that his courage and his idea are visionary. We have already taken the step to live as independent Scots in an independent Scotland; treating Westminster as nothing more than a foreign political institution meddling in our business. Signing a UDI is simply that affirmation writ upon paper. It is a simple declaration of your own independence and your own sovereignty. If you’d like to know more – get in touch with us with us by email ( and we will send you the form.

– Butterfly Rebellion

4 thoughts on “Pat Lee | The Plan for the Unilateral Declaration of Independence

  1. UDI = last resort. Uniwhatever is never a good idea unless one has no choice short of commiting criminal acts . In the Pais Bascoe years ago (and still left visible ) no dialogue = TNT . That in a nutshell is what happens and has happened historicaly worldwide. Scotland is a country (accepted internationaly – important). Due to the media bias in UK over centuries folk south of Watford do not know that . The Westminster establishment knows that it also knows that Shetland is not of Scotland . For recent proof look up the Oil Lease maps drawn up by Westminster Establishment in 1968/9 ( when it needed desperately colateral for MFI loans ) . Scots waters are within the northerly line (coastal area) Berwick to north of Orkney then westerly south of Shetland = the majority of N Sea area being Westminsters ( all because of Scots independence fears starting in the late 40s). The people who created the opportunity for an ‘independent’ Scotland ( political independence only) had /have the savi to find a non unilateral solution to this .( names and political parties are not realy relevent to the need ) Just in the last few weeks it is Westminster that is unilateraly taking on the world with desperate ad-hoc ideas for one reason alone POWER


  2. I would like to put my name to a UDI can you send me a form please?

    Do you send it by e-mail or do you require an address?


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