Butterfly Rebellion Board, 2014-2015

Today it is my pleasure to be revealed as the lead in the organisation known as the Butterfly Rebellion. Until now we preferred to remain anonymous, to protect the people involved in this post Scottish referendum movement of civil disobedience from outside influence and attack. It has become clear that remaining anonymous has caused our intentions to be misconstrued and misrepresented in various places on and off line. I present myself as one of the founding members and as the now elected chair of the Butterfly Rebellion National Executive.

I am Cheryl Scott. Who am I? I have worked all of my life for Scottish independence. I was born in Irvine, brought up in Ayr and now I am resident in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, where as part of the Yes East Ayrshire group I canvased as hard and as often as I could in the run up to the referendum. I have been part of the Anti-BBC Bias protest organisation in Glasgow and have helped to organise and co-host the George Square gathering of the 17 September. I was also the East Ayrshire convener for National Collective. Professionally, I am an IT consultant and a musician.

During the referendum count at East Ayrshire, which I walked out of disgusted with what I was witnessing (dubious procedural behaviour to say the least) I realised that we had to follow the example of Gandhi and Mandela in a course of civil disobedience and more direct action against Westminster and its method of operation within and without Scotland. We advocate peaceful action to win independence as we doubt that Scotland will ever get a fair chance through the ballot box. It was the overwhelming amount of evidence that this referendum was not carried out properly that convinced us to seek to challenge Westminster in alternate ways.

It has not taken long to attract significant numbers to our side and we aim to “hold Westminster’s feet to the fire” as our First Minister Mr. Salmond said on Friday 19 September, through our network of local Butterfly Rebellion groups. We will work with all who wish to see the freedom of Scotland and I now ask for all those with that same aim to let us work together in common cause to that goal. All the organisers of Butterfly Rebellion are Scottish, and were activists in the lead up to the referendum and are still active. We are funded by no one but our own pockets and have no links with organisations outside of Scotland. We are a Scottish movement for the Scottish people.

We do not advocate violence but peaceful, direct civil disobedience from opting out of BBC licence payments to encouraging the people of Scotland to do business with any business that did not actively speak out against Scottish freedom. We support the coming together of the YES movement under the SNP banner for the 2015 election for Westminster and will assist where and when we are asked to and where we are needed. If you have questions please direct them to our mailing account and I will reply in good time.

Saor Alba gu Bràth

– Cheryl Scott for the Butterfly Rebellion

On Friday 17 October 2014 the provisional board of the Butterfly Rebellion elected its first National Executive. Previously it was directed by the consensus of thirty-two members from all over Scotland. Of this number seven were nominated and duly elected to full board membership. This Executive is the administrative body that will ensure the smooth running of our website, social media platforms and expanding social activism. In the coming week it will continue this process in order to clarify the roles within the board and the direction that the Butterfly Rebellion will take in the course of our ongoing campaign.

A butterfly rebellion is coming close to winning Scotland away from the forces of the British state. I think we’ll do it, but either way, they can’t beat us. We are already half of Scotland and we keep growing. They are weak and we are strong. When the people of Britain see their titans defeated by a rebel army who used infographics and humour, what is there to stop them following?

– Roblin McAlpine, Butterfly Rebellion: 14 September 2014

We have been inspired by the words of Robin McAlpine, yet we are wholly independent of him and other pro-independence groups within the wider Scottish Independence Movement.

11 thoughts on “Butterfly Rebellion Board, 2014-2015

  1. Personally I think the referendum was rigged to the hilt and we should have seen it coming. My question to use is in your campaign how intense are you willing to go? Will you chap No voters doors because the way I see it it was pensioners who voted No not as many as reported though. This campaign your on is worthless on the internet although stirring it fails to want of better words “reach the parts others don’t” Don’t get me wrong I wish you every success in your endeavors What is your take on the reports that with enough SNP MPs we can declare independence according to some Thatcher rule??.


    • Trying to defeat the Westminster Machine the way they play the game is a massive task. They have no idea how to behave in a decent and fair manner. Time and time again many of our HONOURABLE MP’s have been caught lying, cheating, fiddling expenses, flipping houses some as many as four times, covering up for child abusers, dining in Westminster with groups of friends regularly with the finest of meals costing THEM under £2 as everything is subsidized by public funding while poor families cannot afford to heat their homes,or properly feed their children, and in thousands of homes the parents have to rely on food banks to feed these poor unfortunate kids. This is happening month by month relentlessly not in a third world country BUT HERE IN SCOTLAND AND CAUSED BY THE BENEFIT CUTS DELIVERED BY AN UNCARING WESTMINSTER GOVERNMENT.


  2. It was obvious the votes were rigged. The fact that all the postal votes went South of the Border says it all. I am not sure about this new registration confirmation letters from YouGov coming through our doors. Just suspicious that Westmonster will rig the 2015 to stop the surge of SNP. The most dangerous threat to our land is Fracking and I hope that we can thwart all attempts there. Glad to have a name, Cheryl. Saor Alba Gu Brath


  3. Hi Cheryl, indeed the thousands of people reporting concerns,including of course the illegal blank ballots which so many of us and our friends and family were given, show that vote rigging is likely . I understand we need to move to the next campaign stage ie next elections but it is vital that we conduct those elections under the strictest format of electoral practice so as to eliminate any or as far as possible, vote rigging. Are there international guidelines in place that give best possible practice? Indeed,even for those who wish to dismiss entirely, the possibility of vote rigging having occurred on Sept I8th, we would all surely, wish to see all our future elections conducted under the strictest of procedures that aim to remove any chance of vote rigging. True democracy is a vital human right,allowing ordinary people to choose the best leader or government as they see fit. If that right is corrupted or stolen as we know occurs in so many countries around the world, then we can expect those who carried out this corruption to ignore many other human rights.Indeed ,China does not have true democracy and its human rights record is terrible. So ,surely we must all be united in striving to have an electoral process that leaves no opportunity for vote rigging, as true democracy is so precious.


  4. delighted to hear from you Cheryl, I hope for great things in the near future. however, I find it extremely frustrating seeing all the different groups vying for the YESSERS to come join their group. There has of course been a few who of shot themselves in the foot by not organising nor researching their needs for rally’s and marches. Seem to me that it would be a good idea to put up a template of all the rules surrounding the problems which need to be overcome in this particular area, along with the appropriate rules and regulations. However, it would also appear to me that all the factions should try to unite under one main group. I’m sure that you and many more have also thought this through. Fingers crossed that there will be no petty arguments as to who leads such a group. Perhaps each group could take a rally or march and then pass the leadership on to the next group. Just musing.


  5. This is just what I have been looking for. We need to keep at it to ensure the next referendum cannot be rigged. How do I join???


  6. All the comments above are welcome, even the Troll lol,

    In reverse order,

    Marie, join us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/butterflyrebellion?fref=ts and on your local group and get involved with any YES group or party.

    Non-lefty, being on the outside looking in can hurt join us for a better Scotland. You ARE obviously interested 😉

    Andrea, I too feel sick when I KNOW we were the true winners which in time will be proved.

    David, I totally agree we need to come together under one banner, BR are not vying to be top dogs but our aim of peaceful civil disobedience offers an alternate method of taking on the corrupt an immoral Westminster machine. We will be at and will organise rallies until we are free.

    ms livsey, Yes there are guidelines to fair and democratic polling. We are working with others to collate any information on any discrepancies in the referendum vote. Going forward to the Westminster election we need to be alert and have all our polling agents trained to as high a standard as possible.

    I do fear that if YES parties look like winning a majority of seats then the same dirty tricks will be deployed again. We must stop that happening to the best of our abilities.

    Ian, glad to have you by our side

    Sheila, postal votes are the smoking gun in my opinion, trying to prove it will be the hard part but if it is possible we WILL do it.

    Jim, yes we will take the message wherever it needs to go. I took part in a debate with a local tory councilor in an old peoples home before they filled out their postal ballots. I was advised they were heavily leaning to no with a few very hard no’s. When I left the tory was defeated and I have it on good authority from one of the nurses who worked there that 90% of them voted YES. So I know it can be done, we NEED to engage people where they stay and not just online.

    Gerald, one of my mantras is that if we play the westminster game with westminster rules, westminster ball on westminsters pitch then we will NEVER win. Time to re define the rules of engagment

    Pedro, you are the reason we need to do this, you all are the reason. Soar Alba gu Brath

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