The Butterfly Manifesto

Over the past two weeks there has been an understandably high level of curiosity about the identities behind and the intentions of the Butterfly Rebellion. We have come to realise that our launch into the world of Scottish social media and activism for a better Scotland, as if from nowhere, would naturally cause alarm for quite a few people. Our rapid growth certainly caused no small amount of alarm among ourselves. We decided to do something for a number of reasons. Pictures and news on the night of the nineteenth of September from George’s Square in Glasgow caused instant outrage and indignation. Phone calls and information about irregularities in the referendum count, along with other worrying statements, pertaining to the same, inspired two of us to create a Facebook page, a Twitter account and open the now infamous ‘Arizona hosted’ WordPress blog. In two weeks such a great deal has happened. We have spoken with lawyers, coöperated with the police, taken on more than thirty volunteer administrators and moderators, witnessed the replication of the first page over much of Scotland, met the digital versions of some of the most amazing Scottish independence activists, discovered what trolling really means, and answered thousands of items of mail. Two weeks, and we all have jobs, family and friends in the ‘real’ world. Some of us even have pets. One rabbit, two cats, a dog, and two parakeets (Skye and Jura) have become known so far.

People are suspicious of anonymous newcomers. That is fair enough, except for the fact that all of us have been part of the independence campaign in Scotland for a long time. Our first page was merely a response to the shift that became apparent in the early hours of the nineteenth of last month. Each of us was inspired by the Yes movement, we were transformed by it, and awoken to the reality that we were independent already – and we couldn’t go back. Realising this personal independence meant that in conscience we were at odds with another political claim that held us dependent. It wasn’t that we had actively rejected anything; it was more the case that he had become aware of two contradictory claims that could not share the same space in one person. We chose Scotland. At no point did we make a choice to be the enemies of Westminster, it was quite the other way around. Our affirmation of Scottishness to the exclusion of that other claim made us enemies of another state. Do we trust Westminster, the British establishment, and their press, had we become known, with our personal and public reputations and wellbeing? No, of course we don’t!

As we are speaking of enemies, we must make it clear that we are pacifists. We do not see Britain, or Westminster, or England as our enemies. These are people just like us, and it is annoying to have to underline this truth. We do not advocate violence, or even violent resistance. All that we desire, more than anything in this world, is to see our nation as independent as we now consider ourselves to be, and we are working along with so many others to see that transition happen peacefully.

So what we have determined to do is to set down our ideas, a written portrait of our vision, to explain ourselves more fully to the rest of Scotland. From today a draft of this is being prepared which will be submitted to our administrators and moderators for discussion and revision. It is hoped that the end product will be a document that explains the Butterfly Rebellion to which every member can agree. As people, in general, may want to read this document we will make it publicly available in the cheapest way that we can – electronically and in print. If any profit is made from this manifesto, however small or large a sum, we will ensure that all proceeds go to support food banks and social projects in Scotland. Proper financial measures will be put in place and all accounts will be made public. It is our hope that our vision of social involvement for justice and fairness, our resistance to the economic victimisation of the most vulnerable, and our stance against the involvement of Scotland in British violence abroad will inspire others and contribute to the ongoing work of so many other groups over Scotland working for independence.

We hope even to give an account of our name. Robin McAlpine used these three words when Scotland so desperately needed hope. These three words, The Butterfly Rebellion, inspired us and convinced us that we had to do something. They are his words, but language has the magical ability to grow wings. No one owns language. All that we can hope is that our use of the words he gave Scotland will not bring shame on the nation he helped to inspire. We had to do something. So far this is what we have done.

– Butterfly Rebellion

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  1. With dissidence of any kind, even peaceful, now being labelled “terrorism” by those who wish to remain in power by any means neccesary, whether in Westminster, Washington, Brussels or the UN, it is essential that no provocation or false flag events tarnish movements towards independence and re establishment of individual human rights. The storm clouds are gathering over all humanity at this point, but Voltaire was ever so right to say in Scotland lays the hope of civilization. You are proving it now, by rising even with delicate butterfly wings, a hurricane is being felt across the world.

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    • Rennie – We are standing up. All the powers of wealth and privilege are about to be broken by a gentle creature, but what a creature.


  2. Sadly, post referendum, we are now at a fairly paranoid stage with a lot of unhappy people and a lot of ‘finger pointing’. Anything new was going to attract suspicion from some and your preferred anonymity is something people would naturally question. From reading your posts I believe that you are indeed working in the interests of Scotland and her people, You just happened to start at a difficult time when suspicions were running high.
    What Scotland needs right now is stability in Social Media. With hundreds of different groups all fighting to be the best we are in danger of reverting to a form of social Media clan system,, which, like the previous clan system of the 17th and 18th century, were still too busy arguing about their status within Scotland to see the threat from England. I believe that a drastically reduced number of groups would certainly bring about a more concentrated focus on the task in hand instead of the dilution we are experiencing at present. Keyser Soze, a good friend and a true son of Scotland summed it up this week when he announced that he will be leaving the many groups he was a member of so he could concentrate his focus on one group The Common Weal. I also believe that at this critical time in Scotland we all need to be reading from the same page if we are ever to have any hope of salvaging victory from this defeat.
    All the various groups are achieving, despite their very sound intentions, is to return Scotland to the old clan system of too many different voices and not one unifying plan. Westminster would love it to stay that way, division is the best help Scots could ever gift to them! Being an SNP member, what I am seeing is many new groups forming under the umbrella of The Common Weal, many who formerly kept using YES or 45 as part of their identity. Its time for Scots to have a think about how we are going to achieve our ultimate goal of independence, and I am sure it will come from at best, one or two really strong social media presences as opposed to the many we have now. I am not putting these individual campaigns down in any way, after all its because of these peoples hard work that we almost made it, which in itself was no defeat, but an amazing show of what is possible, no, I am suggesting that we all get behind one of the bigger entities in a huge tactical move to take our independence rather than ask for it?
    It is time for a different mindset, and whilst the many small campaigns did an amazing job despite having the power of the MSM against them, we need a new strategy, a new beginning, and rest assured, we will only ever have one more chance of doing this without bloodshed. That time is now.


    • Concentrating the movement under one umbrella organisation is definitely a step in the right direction. Either YesAlliance ot the CommonWeal can be seen to be apolitical. However you also need to reach out in a positive manner to #the55. I am using the #tag #1alba to little success 😦

      However individual groups provide diversity and thus resilience. Localised activity provides real person to person bonding.

      Moving forward I would suggest that the biggest issue affecting EVERYONE is the plan to #frack the Glasgow-Edinburgh corridor. Thus an apolitical campaign group with that as a ’cause celebre’ could be used to keep the momentum and gain converts to the independance movement.

      Finally wrt #the45 tag as I have suggested here:
      the 1945 post war consensus could also be a powerful seed around which to develop the movement.
      Share & Enjoy 🙂


  3. i believe that the standards you keep with the postings received from the public are quite HIGH. The few swear words that happen from time to time are made by frustrated minds of well meaning people in most cases.It may enhance the message they deliver If the these words could be edited [just a thought].


  4. Westmonster uses people over whom it has control to count and tally the votes, the instructions issued would enrage reasonable folk. Frightened but indignant staff have only the option to obey, but ameliorate their guilt by carrying out their masters wishes so badly that they have become visible to casual observers, thus providing the means to the cheated electorate to protest and seek a revote.

    Having watched many video clips of the fraudulent count, I am sure this is the reason the fraud is so blatant and undisguised, they want you to see what they have been forced to do, clearly enough for action to be taken to nullify the result and trigger a revote, which must be under the auspices of a respected steward of the process unconnected with either the governments or parties currently in power and with vested interests in the outcome. Democracy is far too delicate a flower to be entrusted to partial hands.

    Don’t let them steal your country from you, they’ve already made off with £310,000,000,000.oop of your oil money, whilst castigating you for being “drunken idle benefit junkies”. Scotland has provided the union, into which it was forced, huge assets ranging from endless lists of inventions to the military fibre to assert their Empire’s will on all and sundry, not to mention the only worthwhile spirits produced in the whole of the British isles. They hate, fear and revile the Scots, maintaining a constant banter of corrosively racist vituperation. I have a neutral accent they are unable to instantly identify, and have been included in these conversations many times, and have enjoyed the consternation on their faces when handed a business card by R.A.MacGregor. The subsequent conversations fit under three headings:-

    1) Apologetic embarrassed sheepish grins saying “We didn’t really mean it.” from the spineless,

    2) Raging assaults, both verbal and physical from the bullies,

    3) Full on verbal onslaught from me, frequently ending by telling them I will not do business with such bigots, and slamming the door on exit. (Very satisfying but appalling for my business and employees wages)

    Thankfully, I have now retired and can choose freely with whom to associate or not. Having been disenfranchised by the structure of this referendum, and having observed the delightfully overt fraud and malpractice, I’m sitting here spitting bolts, balls of fire and red hot iron nails, wanting to take part in the correction of this travesty, but possibly unwelcome because of living in england.

    In pursuit of a result, maybe there could be a webring formed containing ALL the sites seeking freedom, letting the web spread the fabulous breadth of Scotland’s desire for freedom, and foster kinship of purpose above narrower interests by including every single breath of liberty. Unite in freedom!


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