Don’t Feed the Beast

Muinntir Na hAlba – The time has come for us all to fully awaken to our own power. Rather than waiting for some vague and ill defined promises to miraculously emerge from the Smith commission we must look to ourselves and our own inherent sovereignty. For too long have we allowed ourselves and our neighbours be kept in the dark. Too long have we felt powerless and thus submitted to the will of other agents, soulless, conscienceless, market led forces working hand in hand with the power monopoly of Westminster. Too long we have mistakenly perceived these faceless and amoral entities to have a greater hold on the world than we ourselves. Know this, all corporate retail and media, every company, every news outlet, every facet of entertainment that has attempted to trammel Scottish sovereignty, starve our freedom of light and suffocate it beneath piles of fear and doubt, operate only by our consent. Take to heart and adapt for yourselves the pithy saying “The Customer is King”. For in the reality of a Free Scotland, a reality we have taken upon ourselves to live every single day in this very moment, it has become our mantra. “The Customer is King”; these faceless agents operate only by our consent, a consent now emphatically withdrawn.

A grave miscalculation was made by the anti-independence movement in the months before the referendum. This grave miscalculation has now resurfaced and in turning back upon every “NO” business outlet, promises the swift destruction of the very ideology they unwisely chose to bolster and uphold. For months we were told we would not be able to use the pound, that this currency would no longer be ours to spend, we would be cut off from the very unit of income and expenditure that Scotland has used for centuries. Between constant refrains of “what’s your plan B?” and “there’s just too much uncertainty!”, practically all we heard for months and months and months was “the pound, The Pound, THE POUND!!”. It echoes in our minds still. Echo it should; for be it the pound, a quid, or the humble smackarooni, it is now our greatest weapon in how we enact vengeance on every business that readily lied, willingly scare-mongered and maliciously bullied, on behalf of Better Together/Vote No Borders/UKOK etc.

The pound in our pocket, at a time when the regular citizens of Scotland are having to make do with less and less, will not go to line their pockets. It will not buy a Daily Record newspaper, it will not pay a BBC license fee, and it won’t be spent in Asda. Why should we, the free people of Scotland, be silent and acquiescent? Why should we return to their coffers our meagre earnings of the currency they held duplicitously over our heads? The pounds we now spend will no longer be funding the corporate and industrial magnates who sought to use their power and influence to bully frighten and guilt the free Scottish people into denying their own sovereignty.

Scotland has seen such a great and unprecedented flourishing of political engagement in recent years that we instinctively know our society has changed utterly. We are alert and aware of our own autonomy as never before. And like never before we have the information and tools of its dissemination to explain and uphold these vital boycotts. The “why’s” of our actions are open for all to learn from. No doubt this is an arena of the struggle for the political enshrinement of our lived freedom that we will return to many times as even more new assaults are launched against the free consumers of Scotland.

We shall endeavour at another time to go into the finer details of the machinations between ASDA (Wallmart International) and the NO campaign in attempting to convince Scottish voters they would no longer be able to afford to feed themselves in an independent Scotland. The fiendishly well timed and equally fortuitous NO Thanks rally fronted by Johann Lamont in the car park of a Falkirk ASDA store is one of our favourite “unanswered questions” of the entire debate. With space limited we shall use as an example the humble teacake.

Boyd Tunnock, the originator of the tea-cake has always been an openly proud unionist who back in 2012 made it clear that he did not want to see Scotland get any extra powers at all: “We get enough say in the Scottish Parliament, doing what they’re doing.” – Boyd Tunnock – Herald Scotland January 23rd 2012. It was hardly a surprise that he intended voting no earlier this month. It did however raise a few eyebrows when Tunnock, as the head of one of Scotland’s oldest and best known family brands, personally signed an open letter published in The Scotsman this August, blasting the Independence campaign for apparently not having made enough of a business case for Independence. Apart from the distinctly Scottish, as opposed to British, branding of Tunnocks products, the quibbles in the letter over uncertainty regarding Scotland’s place in the EU rang rather hollow. For example Tunnocks’ top export market by far is Saudi Arabia. A greater clue to the ideological motivation behind Tunnock’s anti-Independent Scotland stance is in his own signature: A. B. Tunnock C.B.E. Yes, that’s right, Boyd Tunnock is a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. In fact he has been a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire since 1987. While a royal honour for services to the empire in the field of biscuit making might seem a little droll the Empire label has been deemed tainted enough to have been rejected by Seán O’ Casey and Jon Snow and returned by John Lennon and most recently Scottish artist Peter Howson. It is not for us to speculate too wildly on all the reasons Tunnock may have had for dragging his famed teacakes into disrepute with 1.6 million Scottish voters but we will say this much, Empire is a beast.

Empire is a shape-shifter that will adapt its guise to any situation in order to guarantee its own survival. Empire’s insatiable greed for the resources of subject lands and the labour of subject peoples did not die out with the long sought for and hard won struggles for self determination of the former British colonies, she simply adapted. Empire is alive and well, hidden behind cleverly antiqued customs and honours, the half remembered folk magic of colonial anthems blasted through state media once a year or the ever so softly spoken intrusion into your late-December plate of turkey and stuffing. Empire is a beast and we no longer pay to feed her.

– Ealasaid Canonach for Butterfly Rebellion



6 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Beast

  1. Stupid idea of the day:
    Boycott Investment and Shareholding
    (No this isn’t about Isreal [sic] although BDS is working…)
    Another idea to get money into the National Kitty.
    1/ Pick a SINGLE target. (Apart from RBS that is.)
    A scattershot, scattergun mass boycott of everyone diffuses the campaign.
    This needs to be focussed. JUST on one really good (or bad) example.
    It must be a purely Scottish based firm, not B&Q and the like.
    They are too big with outlets outside the reach of for a small
    grassroots movement of 1.6 million people (!)

    Ideally they should be a -shall we say- less than wholesome firm
    with a bad record of overcharging; exploitation; meaness;..

    They MUST have shares.

    2/ Do some research, find out where they are vulnerable or where they can be exploited
    Then boycott them -just the one- visibly, incessantly, remorselessly.
    Drive their business away; drive them into the ground; drive down their share price.

    3/ Then buy into them! This is BIS not BDS. Subtle difference. 1.6 million shareholders
    voting as a “the45er” bloc to change company policy to wit relocation. Or previous bad practice.

    4/ With their capitulation: lift the boycott. Watch their share price rise.
    (It’s called a hostile takeover. The City does it all the time.)

    5/ Now promote the firm with your 1.6 million consumers.

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  2. Hi ,Brobrof killing a firm’s share holding would take forever and buying the near worthless shares would be a very risky gamble.We really need immediate action to continue the present spirit of the fight for justice. If we target every business that made totally unfounded statements against the YES campaign this would continue to feed the strong feelings already established.


    • all ready stopped buying all papers and looking to buy food from local retal and now will stop buying tunnocks loved them to also joining snp looking to stop paying telly licen soon also can i ask for engilsh pounds at bank or do i have to take what they give me . can we make them stock notes only from bank of england so well you know the reason so we have bilions of english money in scotland


    • I take your point. However a blanket ban especially against giants like ASDA (Walmart) or BP could be a wasted effort, better concentrated on a single target at a time. Eg Tunnocks.
      If nothing else to maintain a high profile for the Rebellion and a centre of the effect of the boycott.
      Other firms might capitulate!

      “Risky gamble” Agreed, the idea of taking shareholder action iis very much a long term goal. But so is the task of building up a £30 billion national kitty on which to float an independant Scottish currency.
      Naturally a much more immediate methodology would be nationalisation.
      A policy which I favour and indeed much of the electorate. BP perhaps. Or, rather, the oil fields that they are operating or intend to operate.

      Returning to the Boycott: do you have a link to a site that focuses this campaign.
      Something a little better than a Facebook page:
      If nothing else the creation of such a site would help focus the Yes / #the45 campaign.
      Articles; feedback; local campaigns.

      The only thing that I could find was Which anonymises the firms concerned. ‘Thirty six’ of them (36% of 101) would consider relocation. Excluding the Banks; Multinationals and the various Newspapers there seem to be only seven truly Scottish firms. Baxter’s surprised me I would have thought they would be a little more canny.
      I’ll get my kilt…

      “Hope is our Duty”


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