Scottish MPs in Westminster – A Letter

A Charaid – We have written this letter to you because you are a member of the British Westminster parliament representing the people of Scotland. From ten o’clock this morning you will be involved in a debate in the House of Commons to decide whether or not to take Scotland to war. It is our understanding that the British government does not require your consent to engage Scotland and Scottish lives in a bloody conflict that will cost the lives of many innocent men, women and children in Iraq. As it has become the custom of the Westminster government to put such questions to the Commons, you will be in a position to save human lives or to waste them.

We are under no illusions that British involvement in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East is about the selfish desire for oil and other benefits accrued from an alliance with the United States of America, one of Britain’s former possessions, and one of earth’s most violent nations after Britain. There is little doubt that the Islamic State poses a threat in the Middle East. Yet they were the product of Britain and America’s destabilising actions in two previous wars in Iraq. War has given life to new war, and another war will do nothing to change this cycle. You and we know this to be true. Britain cares little whether war is made eternal in Iraq so long as it can secure access to that nation’s resources. You have recently seen what the promises of Westminster mean to your own nation. Why would its words be worth more when they are spoken of a faraway land?

So we beg you, on behalf of the innocent who are about to be slaughtered, that you will examine your conscience and your soul. We ask that you consider the long history of Westminster’s words and promises, and how so cheaply it has valued the lives of human beings. We ask that you stand against the British government and use your vote to say clearly that murder will not be committed in the name of the sovereign people of Scotland. Do not put this blood on your hands.

– The Butterfly Rebellion

6 thoughts on “Scottish MPs in Westminster – A Letter

  1. Bravo!
    It is my belief that the Tory party will attempt to drag us into a war; so that in 2015: seventy years after the end of WWII they can sweep into power with UKIP on a patriotic wave. They will try to game the suffering so as to be able to announce a ‘Victory’ just before polling day.
    They have previous on this: VIde Falklands


    • I do not want another war.BLAIR and his cronies couldn’t have made a bigger mess when they lied to support the involvement in Iraq. Now we have a possible repeat from CAMERON and his cronies telling us about undoubted facts that the UK will be under attack again if we do not stop the new terrorist “THREAT” that will take place.Surely it would be simpler refusing entry to all suspected visitors and less expensive than a war,not forgetting loss of lives.


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