Scotland in Open Rebellion

It is naïve in the extreme to imagine that Westminster and its Better Together thugs did not contrive to rob Scotland of its independence. We know the nature of Britain too well to so casually assume good faith on the part of London’s power mongers. At this time there are serious enough concerns surrounding the conduct of the referendum for us to question its validity. Independent observers were quick to alert the media to the fact that they did not believe that the process was conducted in a manner that conformed to good practice and the demands of the law. Personnel, officially silent for the sake of their own careers, in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs have aired their doubts that the result is to be trusted. From all quarters of Scotland, election officers are telling of incidents, too many to be discounted as accidental, of illegal practises in count centres, and videos are now spreading through social media sites of election officials removing ballots and marking them as spoiled. Only two positions remain to be taken; either there was interference in the count that led to the defeat of the Yes motion, or the Yes motion lost regardless of illegal interference. Either way it has to be assumed that electoral fraud was part of the process. In the weeks before the date of the referendum it was clear that the Westminster establishment were becoming increasingly desperate. Yet on the night of the vote, as if from nowhere, they were overcome with optimistic elation. We may not wish to concede that we are victims, but in our hearts, from long experience of Westminster and British colonial rule, we all know that Britain was never going to allow Scotland to leave.

No sooner had the victory of Britain over the people of Scotland been declared than Glasgow city centre, the city with the greatest support for independence, was filled with Neo-Nazis and other Unionists showing the true colours of British Nationalism. Video footage shot from mobile-phones in George’s Square showed hordes of youths and middle aged men draped in British flags singing ‘God Save the Queen,’ the national anthem of our southern neighbour England and viciously assaulting disheartened teenagers; the remnant of the independence support that had maintained a happy presence in the square until the ballot. During the referendum campaign Rabbi Mendel Jacobs spoke out against the Scottish independence movement for fear – it was always to be about fear – that Scottish Nationalism could only bring about disaster for the Jews of Europe. He must have been confused when he saw the images of the victors waving the flag of his safer union and proudly giving the Nazi salute. It came as little surprise to other Scots. Pro-British hooligans launching racist, sectarian and homophobic abuse at their vanquished foes came as no shock to a Scottish public all too familiar with the undertones of British triumphalism. No one could have known the future on the morning of the referendum, but the past has always provided a good indication of future behaviour, and Britain, the bitter one-time master of the world, is singularly incapable of acting differently to how it has always acted. Empire was not built on goodness and civility.

Scotland had been defeated, and the habit of the imperial mind-set is not magnanimity. Over the course of the night, and into the early hours of the morning, larger and larger numbers of Unionists gathered to rampage in the city. Riot police struggled through the night to bring the violence and destruction to an end. The BBC, the propagandistic tool of Westminster, did report the violence but, as was to be predicted, care was taken not to show flags or to identify the culprits as the supporters of the now triumphant union. What Great Britain would see, predictably, were irrational and emotional Scots destroying their own city because they had been ‘fairly’ trounced. Once again the BBC had lied to the people of Scotland and attempted to convince them of their own moral inferiority.

Scotland now knows what to expect if it does not simmer down and eat its cereal like a good little dog. England’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, the new ‘Hammer of the Scots,’ and the very man who had to apologise for the unleashing of the British army on Irish Nationalists on Bloody Sunday 1972, was content to let the Scots have a foretaste of a rebellious future. Nonetheless it is clear that Scotland has no future now without rebellion. The days of violent revolt, violence and bloodshed, are in the past now, and in the past they must remain. Scotland’s rebellion, the Butterfly Rebellion, is very much the revolt of the SAVVY (Scotland Against Vilification – Vote Yes). In a world of brute strength, where the wealthy and powerful are eager and willing to do whatever it takes to maintain control of the resources of the world, and where the odds of force are stacked by magnitudes against the weak and dependent, the smart rebel is the one who ignores even the existence of the oppressor. The task in Scotland is now to ignore that Westminster even exists. We dreamed ourselves free, we each felt the beauty of that freedom, and now we must make it a lived reality.

We can be certain that, without any shadow of a doubt, another referendum is off the table. Westminster, drunk on its own arrogance, handed the opportunity to Scotland on the assumption that the pathetic Scots were not genetically programmed to make political decisions. As this backfired, Westminster, not a force for good in the world, but certainly no fool, learned its lesson. The very idea of Yes is now meaningless. Yes to what? Yes was murdered in the early hours of September 19th. Only No remains, but we can refuse to listen. Only Britain says ‘No,’ but Britain does not exist to us. What then of the reaction? Westminster’s crime has traumatised Scotland. It is not defeated, but the trauma has resulted in a misguided identification with the narrative of the victor. Scots have adopted the number ‘45’ to reflect the supposed forty-five percent of Scots voters who voted ‘Yes.’ Yet if we do not believe that the referendum count was fair the adoption of the losing figure is an implicit acceptance of the terms of the cheat. Only the iconic symbol of the butterfly has the wings to transcend the crime scene and the slavish mentality of our Stockholm syndrome. Unlike the stasis of a ‘Yes’ of bygone day and the scarlet letter of acceptance, it is always moving, ever changing, in its graceful and peaceful flight to freedom. As butterflies we are free by the very virtue of our nature.

Arise Scotland, and take flight in a fluttering rebellion against all the powers of empire and establishment that Westminster has set against us. Now is the time to rise up from our victimhood and the assault we have endured and continue from the very point from where we were stopped. Nothing has changed. We have only to believe that we are free and we are free already. The flight of this delicate and wondrous creature is towards freedom. The date was set. March 2016. All we need do is fly onwards to that day.

– Scotland is that Butterfly

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  1. I do agree that the Rabbi choose to make a stupid assumption however the Palestinian situation and Zionism threatens everyone to years of further extremism. The unionist Neo nazis have no respect for him or his intervention , however if Scotland a rich pivotal country in defence and European fisheries had a tenth of the support of the USA for Isreal we would have attained real outside the Eu independence and joined the Nordic council. Oppression by Zionists is sickening , oppression of human dignity by the Tories sickening , and despite the faults of Zionism we must seek to reassure the Rabbi that senseless acts of hate against Jews in Scotland will never be acceptable all have protection of our law equally. That aside we mut also seek remember those who so ruthlessly opposed out best chance at democratic independence. And hope that the public in the broadest sense will go for a democratic mandate for independence through independence candidates at Eu,Scottish government , and local level . in my view that means at least putting the Eu question to the people . Unfortunately people will vote UKIp because of this option on the unionist side.


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