Activation of the Butterfly Rebellion

EVERY WOMAN AND MAN who now rejects Westminster rule in Scotland, who rejects the legality of the conclusion of the referendum is, by virtue of this rejection and their loyalty to Scotland, a member of the Butterfly Rebellion. The rebellion is for every Scot regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, religion, political opinion, gender or sexual orientation. The defence of Scotland and the gaining of full independence are above all other distinctions among the free people of the nation. As a visible collaboration of free persons the Butterfly Rebellion is here – and here to stay – as a banner under which Scotland can unite in the continuation of our common purpose. In seeking to liberate Scotland, its people, land and resources from the colonial domination of Westminster and the establishment of Great Britain we are pursuing a policy of passive resistance, of non-violent civil disobedience and rejection by which we intend to make it impossible for Westminster to ‘govern’ our country. We became a sovereign people, or rather we realised that we are a sovereign people, on the day of the referendum. We will never again forget our inalienable right to be a free people. The Butterfly Rebellion is a call for Scots and every friend of Scotland to rally.

Since the rising of the Butterfly Rebellion during the early hours of Friday morning, as Glasgow was being overrun by Nazis and other anti-Patriotic ‘Unionists,’ others have requested how they might do more for the Rebellion. It must be stressed that this action is not owned by the Butterfly Rebellion social media and blogosphere activists. It is a fully democratised movement for the whole of Scotland, for our nation’s freedom and our future. This means that the name ‘Butterfly Rebellion’ and the iconic image of the butterfly belong to all Scots. We must take it upon ourselves, and with our own initiative, to use them in whatever way we can. The Butterfly Rebellion has already spread out to many cities and towns around Scotland, even to places abroad. Many have contacted the administrators of the pages requesting permission to open their own pages, or asking if there are Butterfly Rebellion pages where they live. No one needs permission. You are already an essential part of the rebellion. Rather than people asking the administrators, it is the administrators who ask you to activate your own Butterfly Rebellion page in your own area. If one already exists then put all of your efforts behind it. If you have experience of site moderation then simply ask your local Rebellion administrator to include you in the work that they are doing. No one owns the movement. There is no Chief Executive Officer, Commander in Chief or any other rank or distinction. We are all in this together. Selfishness and personal agenda and ambition will poison the movement and only harm Scotland.

So we encourage you to begin your own page. This is the first step. Include other, competent and experienced, moderators and administrators on it to ensure its life and survival. This is not a keyboard revolution. Organise activities and events to make sure that the ‘likes’ on your page become the people you know and trust. If you have no intention of leaving your keyboard then we implore you to leave the creation of pages, blogs and websites to other people. This is not a fashion statement. Already there exists a national coördination networking group to assist administrators in developing their pages, planning events and agreeing on items to post and trend. When you have launched your ‘Butterfly Rebellion – [insert your city]’ page reach out to the national network at, introduce yourself and your page and you will be led to the network group. This is our first stage of activism. Our next stage will be building up activism on the streets and gathering protests and rallies all over Scotland. Remember that activism makes activists.

We encourage every member of the Butterfly Rebellion to put their democratic weight behind the political parties in the Scottish Parliament who fought for Scotland. Consider those parties who acted against Scotland and the Scottish people as the cats-paw of Westminster and therefore our oppressors. Vote them out of Scotland. Consider becoming a member of one of the pro-Independence parties. We must do everything in our power now to free Scotland.

– Butterfly Rebellion

10 thoughts on “Activation of the Butterfly Rebellion

  1. How can we get all these different pages (45%) etc, under one banner and cause. I have argued on several that our voice is diluted. With for example different protests on different days. We have the opportunity to be massive with cohesion


    • We could not agree more. Perhaps someone, or a group of people, might take it upon themselves to approach the administrators of pages and groups and encourage them to coordinate with other similar groups.


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