Scotland Rejects the BBC

PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND – As an act of resistance against British-Westminster aggression in Scotland it is imperative that British Broadcasting Corporation license fee payments be cancelled. In handing over Scottish money to the propaganda machine of Great Britain we become fully complicit in our own oppression. All women and men of a free Scotland must answer the call of  Wings Over Scotland to cease payment now. Any continued monetary support of the BBC is a treasonous endorsement of the blatant pro-Union bias of the BBC. By peaceful and fully legal means we reject the flagrant abuse of the sovereign people of Scotland at the hands of Westminster led corporate media.

Cancelling a licence fee payment starts here. Fill out the form in the previous link to the BBC’s own website, and start thinking about how better to spend your refund. If we are to be Scotland then we must invest all of our resources in our Scotland and in ourselves. The law governing television licensing is as follows: A  licence is not necessary if devices are not used to watch or record television programmes as they are being broadcast live. The Butterfly Rebellion supports this fully legal method of resistance and urges increased agitation for the campaign to have the foreign British media finally ejected from Scotland.

This is one of the most powerful and tangible ways in which we, the people of Scotland, can assert our defiance against what was enacted against us during the referendum campaign. As the polling date grew closer any attempts at veiling this bias fell away and it became increasingly obvious the violence being done against the independence campaign. Entire and lengthy news items edited to only show Better Together representatives, while massive Yes rallies full of vibrancy and hope were simply ignored. To add insult to such grievous injury we watched this unfold before our eyes knowing we had paid for this all the while. No one will forget how Nick Robinson, Political Editor at the BBC, lied when he reported that First Minister Alex Salmond did not answer his question at an international news media press conference. We applaud the international press, whose own footage, made this so obvious for those of us who had not witnessed the live broadcast.

– Live as though our independence is a reality.

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