The Butterfly Rebellion

SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND – On the 18th of September 2014 the people of our nation went to the polls in a referendum that was to decide the future of Scotland; the future of our people, our children, our land, and our resources. With the whole machinery of Westminster, the entire British establishment, its international allies, and its media apparatus arrayed against it, the people of Scotland fought a staggering campaign which brought them to the brink of freedom. At every step of our journey the agents of Westminster blackmailed and bullied the people of Scotland to the point that, on the surface, the democratic struggle lost by a slim margin. In the last hours leading to the referendum the leading political parties of the Westminster administration, in an effort to bribe the people of Scotland, offered powers to Scotland which they had no intention of delivering. Hours after the “victory” of Westminster the promises were roundly abandoned and broken. The immediate response, on the streets of Glasgow and in other places, was a show of force by triumphalist thugs singing a foreign anthem and assaulting innocent people. In the same space of time various international observers who had monitored the election counts over the country raised serious doubts concerning the legality of the process. Numbers of counting officers have already reported that legal processes were not followed. By half past ten in the evening, a mere half hour after the closing of the polls, the unionists were jubilant. It was reckoned by many then that the unionists already knew the result.

Consequently the Butterfly Rebellion has been raised. Every woman and man in Scotland, who, as a patriot, is loyal only to the cause of Scotland, is a part of this rebellion. It is yours. We reject the validity of the referendum result and demand an immediate second election. Such must be affected as soon as is practicable and with better transparency under international supervision. It is our firm belief that the people of Scotland have been the victims of a theft. From this moment we call upon the sovereign people of Scotland to raise the banner of the Butterfly Rebellion. This is your image. It must be our common task to build atop the present and continuing independence campaign the standard of the Butterfly. Our rebellion is the firm assertion that we are now a free and sovereign people. Everything in our efforts must embody the greatest values of Scotland, and through methods of peaceful civil disobedience and passive resistance we must deny the existence of Britain and Westminster rule in our land. Britain has passed away!

We call on the users of social media and all other forms of media in Scotland to take up this cause and become the answer to the crime that has been committed against us. Our nation and our democracy have been mocked, and we will not take this lying down. We must assert, each and every one of us, that we are Scottish, and Scottish alone. We must think and act as a free people who are faithful to no other nation or power other than Scotland. We must use our energies and talents now, more than at any other time, in the cause of Scottish liberation. Our wealth and our money too must be used as a defensive weapon against those who would impoverish and disempower us. No more can our money be used to support, in any way, a British Broadcasting Corporation that has psychologically assaulted the people of Scotland. Without reservation it must be considered the enemy, and money paid to it must be understood as nothing other than an act of economic warfare against the people of Scotland. So too must our energies be turned against all other forms of media and industry that worked in collaboration with Westminster to harm Scotland and Scottish people. Boycott and divest!

All the efforts of the Yes movement are to be applauded. We are glad to hear that Yes groups all over the country are now rallying. We ask them to take up the Butterfly Rebellion. It is their rebellion. It is our rebellion. Wings over Scotland, National Collective, and Bella Caledonia have now all issued statements of their intention to continue. Our fight is not over. It has only just begun. Now we ask all people of good faith who wish to stand with Scotland to use the image of the Butterfly. It should be used as a visible statement now of our freedom.

– Butterfly Rebellion

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  1. F**king amen ! I know this was a disgusting display of so called democracy , there are truly no depths that Westminster will stoop to stop the gravy train which is Scotland from providing them and their friends with the means to continue oor oppression , I’m with you 🙂


  2. I don’t think the referendum was rigged on the whole – there may have been isolated cases, but I don’t think it was totally illegal.

    Nethertheless I am completely behind you; I hope we get another chance soon. We have been lied to for too long.


  3. Like the previous contributor, I have woken up. I hadn’t questioned the deeply rooted tradition of support for Labour that is in my family; I considered myself a free thinker but I was a thinker who had not questioned family tradition – a powerful force. Today I joined the SNP, and am the first in generations to do so. I don’t ask for a medal – all I will do is continue to question Unionism/British Nationalism. The latter is provocative but I’ve been called a Nationalist by family members for months when really what I wanted was Independence.

    The line it is drawn, the vote it is cast
    What first felt slow is finally fast
    And what is today will tomorrow be past
    The order is rapidly fadin’
    And this first chance, it will not be our last
    For the times they are a-changin’

    Thanks for this article and campaign. I’ve felt my spirits lifting today and this is exactly what I needed before I hit the hay. You have my full support & respect.

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  4. I live in Australia for 2.5 years and never would have left my home land if l new Scotland would become free from corrupt, theiving Westminster, l cried with a broken heart yeastarday, l’m left dumbfounded at the state of Scotland, especially Glasgow, l am feeling confident that a Scotland could get there freedom from loyalist Britain and will watch on and share your posts until Scotland are free 💜


  5. Together we will rise as one and be a lot stronger for it!!!People are starting to waken up with clear heads and realise we Have been robbed of OUR independance..The westminster machine must be stopped in its tracks So we can reclaim What is rightfully ours..I van proudly say i am one of the 45%….


  6. This referendum was wrought with corruption. Democracy was thrown out the window from the start. David Cameron played a dirty game and we must push his kind out of Scotland. We must take control of our own country.


  7. Let labour know exactly how we all feel at the next Scottish election in 2016 by voting for the parties that did support the Yes campain.
    Look what Scotland did to the Torries , only one seat in Hollyrood it’s up to us the voters to show our anger through the ballot box.


  8. I think we need some balance here. Yes, some of the media were actively campaigning for the NO’s, yes there was fraud, and yes, the Government treated the Scottish people with comtempt. However, people who are well off just aren’t interested in a fairer society, they just want things to stay the same, and many people have become institutionalised to think they can’t survive without Westminster thinking for them, and some people are just British. All the things that were against the YES vote were balanced by the incompetence of the NO campaign. Yes, I am angry, yes I want an independent Scotland, but at the present time I believe 50:50 is the best we can achieve.


  9. With you all the way…as an Englishman living and working in Scotland. Please..a word of advice..get the rest of the poor people of the uk on your side and you have won this. Anti Westminster comments… Yes. Anti English comments will only hand Scotland firmly into the divide and conquer tactics of Westminster.


  10. Perhaps now the Scottish people will support we English in English independence for England and the only nation not to have a Parliament or assembly. It is now coming to light that financially the Scottish gain most from the Union, and England who contribute the most gain the least. Never again will we let an incompetent Scottish Field Marshall slaughter a half a million of our fellow English countrymen on the muddy fields of France. Never again will we let a Tony Blair Scottish public schoolboy send English troops into pointless wars. Never again will we let the likes of Scottish incompetent Gordon Browns financially bust our great English nation and give billions of our gold reserves away. Time to stir the Saxon hoards, we English have been the most successful nation on the planet. We can be a nation again. SUPPORT ENGLISH INDEPENDENCE AND SUPPORT IT NOW


    • What a knob!!! You know absolutely. Bugger all if it wasn’t. For Scotland’s assets westminster would have let the scots go years ago,As for England’s success they would have bugger all if it wasn’t for the Scots
      the welsh and the Irish doing all the donkey work for them leading from the front, I actually feel sorry for you a simpleton of low intelligence that believe anything their government tells them., crawl back under your rock shit. For brains


  11. Will this end up in full EU membership and a member of the group of 79’rs ruling over Scotland ?. If it does it will be no different than the YES campaign were voting for first time round . I wanted to vote yes , but independence was never on the table when the EU was the end goal .


    • Once the movement has reached a social media weight of 10,000 – that is about 2,000 to go – we will initiate the second phase of our development. This will be in the form of rallies and demonstrations. With the hope of having simultaneous mass demonstrations in cities and towns all over Scotland. So there is much more to come. This is only the end of day two of the Butterfly Rebellion and we are not going anywhere.


  12. We need this we all know that it was YES vote were far from stupid we will fight to the bitter end for what was stolen from us by the establishment the world knows we should be independent for god sake the lie the cheating surely we have to fight for our SCOTLAND there is a big uprising in the SNP camp . We need are vote so desperately we don’t have much time. & the world watches us except England that is as the dreaded BBC don’t dhow them our uprising makes me sick to the core . Don’t know why we’re all still paying the tv licence in Scotland if truth be told BBC need taken of our tvs I’m disgusted at it all & I won’t give nothing up to England I’m scottish to the core I’m not BRITISH in any shape or form . Fight we will the biggest uprising that Scotland has ever seen


  13. Am presuming you have seen this? (a). Following Ruth Davidsons very frank discussion of vote sampling , it seems at complete odds with the terms of the Referndum bill presented in March 2013.
    I have written to both Ruth Davidson and the electoral commission asking for an explanation as to why it was happenening but also importantly as to when it was happening….

    Scottish Independence Referendum Bill Schedule 2—Further provision about voting in the referendum Part 3—Postal voting: issue and receipt of ballot papers

    “In carrying out the procedures in this paragraph and paragraphs 35 to 41, the counting officer—

    (a) must keep the ballot papers face downwards and must take proper precautions for preventing any person from seeing the votes made on the ballot papers, and

    (b) must not be permitted to view the corresponding number list used at the issue of postal ballot papers.

    Where an envelope opened in accordance with sub-paragraph (3) contains a postal voting statement, the counting officer must place a mark in the marked copy of the postal voters list or proxy postal voters list in a place corresponding to the number of the voter to denote that a postal vote has been returned.

    A mark made under sub-paragraph (9) must be distinguishable from and must not obscure the mark made under paragraph 22(2).

    As soon as practicable after the last covering envelope has been opened, the counting officer must ma….”


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